November 25, 2012

For the friend!

Dear Friend,

I know you were feeling low (although your ego and I might call it proudly your awesome attitude of emerging strong in front of people) when I had a talk with you today in the morning.

Did I tell you, you are my inspiration? For the confidence you re-boost in me when I go deep down  in confusions about my abilities? Dude you speak so so so well ! (And you ask me, 'how can I go for consultancy?') Here is the key, your persona convinces any one- Even when you are not from the domain of the topic! You accept what you don't know, you dig out information about the very same domain and next time when it comes up, you flaunt it with your style. (Did I tell you, your walk is so stylish that I secretly made fun of the 'style'*)

You say, you are not clear about your future? Who all are? Here I am getting a master's degree and thinking of being a house wife in future just because I hate exams! Okay that was a joke but seriously, what you have to do is, again with the same spirit, in confidence take those steps you had planned. Imagine there is a stair case, may be a spiral one, with darkness all around. You have a torch with less power and thus a very few units of lux ( I am a design person okay? I need to give specifications!) which can illuminate a single step at a time. What will you do? You will be careful but yet you will be able to climb that complex spiral stair case by taking one step at a time and achieve new heights every time. Right? Do it.

You say expectations are high. Remember your favorite fiction, The Meluha and The secret of Nagas? Shiva, was worshiped as a God long before he proved himself. Your situation is just like Shiva, the tribe leader who has no clue why people were worshiping him. What did he do? He unfolded his future with one step at a time, using all his intelligence and skills. No he had no idea he would be such a great strategy maker. He did not know he would be such an awesome dancer that he would win Parvati's heart. He did not know he would remain humble even after being everyone's 'God'! He did it. You can do it too.

You say, you are not sure if your preparations are good. It is not how well you achieve your target, it is how hard you hit the target. When you are confident, people are bound to believe you.

I can say that with proud, because I believe in you.

Hit the target and show off your style dude!! You rock!

Your 'Golgappa' friend,
Bubblegum! (Yeah the Bubbly one as you say!)

*-Not Gangam style!

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  1. Bubblegum,

    I am sure he is motivated.

    Take care