November 9, 2012

I hate 'V'!

Hold on! Please control your heart beats , all my friends who have their names staring from 'V'.I love you all! May I start?

I was talking about this!

My professor loves the model. He keeps on searching it in every project, every presentation and ah, every one's mind. I wanted to store the whole 'V' concept to my heart but not this 'V', Sorry I can not. I hate you to the core.

I hate you for making me pull my hair all the day while making presentation. I hate you for giving the guy-who-stinks the reason to ask me hundred question and to avoid collateral damage of yours truly, I had to divert him to my other team mates. The scary you look, I thought I will get rid of you quickly but, NO. You will stay with me in every project I may take up.

Dear V, Kindly give place to other friends and things in my life, After exams you may go! Shoooo!

I really hate 'V'!


  1. its my fav "model"... ;)

  2. Boring model

  3. Bubblegum,

    Did anyone ever say that studies are fun? Enjoy company of V.

    Take care