November 25, 2012

Life for me!

When I was a kid, teachers used to teach me that one should always help themselves, no one will come for the help. There is no other alternative. Gradually I forgot the fact and started relying on my surroundings, friends and family. In my whole life I had always a bunch of people, may be with some replacements every two three years here and there, but they were always there.

Now when I am twenty four, when I have my family and best of best buddies with me, I feel my teachers were always right.

If one doesn't help herself or himself there is no chance others can do. Today, I would like to add something. No one other than yourself knows you better than yourself, no one other than you can understand your fears, your emotions and anything you want to express. Not even your buddies and mostly not even your parents. Sometimes you just toggle in between two fronts and no one closer to you would even identify forget reading those hidden sentiments in you. No, I love all of them to the core, but the truth can not be destroyed or manipulated.

One should not be dependent on any one, ANY ONE.

The only thing matters is how you set your priority after knowing yourself, after knowing your feeling.

I chose my family and closest pals, even after knowing myself and my sentiments.

That is life and I love it, I  would love it even with a pinch of pain.

 I am happy about it. 


  1. Bubblegum,

    It is true that everyone else can give one support but it is one who has to do what is right for him or her. One can always seek advice but to achieve what one wants is in own hands.

    Take care

  2. I dot feel is all about being together..sharing a bond...caring..loving..worrying..about someone...

  3. If one depends on some other person or persons, it restricts one's thinking and ability to do something. It is only when we are on our own that our true self comes out.