November 10, 2012

The Goodie bag

I got this Goodie bag at my door step in the morning.

I opened the bag and I was choked. I guess the most beautiful gift from my loved ones were lying there in front of my eyes. My tears refused to stay back in my eyes.

I could see myself, in a new house with people I love. I could see me and my best friend sitting in theater and running back home in a taxi back home. I could see myself taking rest of in the relaxing couch my new home has, with mom in the kitchen screaming at me to finish the food or else she might go to my doctor fuas to complain.I could see myself doing Rangoli for five hours and papa asking me to take rest every hour! I could see my brother- staring me doing things, just like he does every year. 

I could see a pack of my favorite Mithai , I could see some of those books I always wanted to read, I could see a set of trinkets lying in the corner of the pack. I could see a very traditional and colorful silk Dupatta, I just loved it. 

I was out of festive homesickness. I was fine, full of tears.

Just then I heard some conversations dropping in my ears, I could not understand, I was uncomfortable. Something really soothing but warm touched my forehead as if giving me some consolation.

Sun rays! I got up! It was a nice, warm and emotional dream.

The festive homesickness came back striking hard. I was still in tears.

It was just a dream. I can not feel loved ones  here any more.


  1. Bubblegum,

    Awwwwwww, what a twist in the end. I was feeling so happy about you. Never mind, you will have all the fun soon.

    Take care

  2. A very nice dream. I hope it will come true in real life.