November 16, 2012

The real talk!

Generally I talk a lot with myself. I talk while walking down to the bus stand, I talk while walking down to the class room or the library, I talk to myself when I am shopping alone; Most of the time these talks are stressed out rants to myself or I manage to quote some bitter sweet truths about life in my virtual mind lab!

I decided to do something new today. I decided to ask myself what I want! I know I am bloating due to unhealthy life style, I know I should study harder, I know my focus span has come down to a few minutes and I also know I am trying to decipher the future with a lot of stress on myself. Some where I know I lack guts to do a lot many things. So what? I decided to ask myself, 'What do you want to do as of now?'

No I did not get any crazy and pointless answers like, 'Dude please go to a bungee jumping sessions in Malaysia' or 'Please just lie down on the bed for the rest of the day and do nothing.' I did not get any depressing answers , like 'What have you done to your self? You were suppose to reduce a lot of weight?' or 'Just leave eating, you fat lady'! Answers came as shocks and surprises to me.

I wanted to do Yoga, I wanted to jog or at least walk a lot; which I had to avoid for some reasons since many days. I wanted to dance and learn some new complicated steps. I wanted to pamper myself with hot water bath or even better , an  awesome foot massage session (which is not possible right now!), I wanted to study and meet some very focused people in the university I know. Particularly two girls I study with, they are so clear in their thinking, and they are poised with guts! Please note they are a few months younger to me, that is fine, right? Though many things are not similar, I manage to catch good vibes from them. Apart from that, I wanted to hydrate myself a lot;which I avoided due to my sheer inability to identify needs of my body.

All these random answers I got, made me talk to myself a lot more. I agreed to the fact that, only I can help myself in distressing myself from some tensions and other tensions are not worthy of my stressed state of mind. It was a real talk to myself!

I felt contented. I am trying to do what I want. I walk , I dance and I feel happy even after studying! (No relation with grades though!)

Do you manage to have a real talk with yourself?


  1. Bubblegum,

    It is an established fact that no one can help other to do what is needed for improvement of other . So it is you and ONLY YOU who can do what you feel is right for you. And I am sure you can do it as you have that confidence. SO JUST DO IT.

    Take care

  2. Nice.. A true discovery of own self.. !!

    I think I missed last few posts.. :)