November 22, 2012

Tum nahi samjoge!

Now I need to tell you people this. I know I am suppose to stop blogging for some time at least  So what? I am feeling like blogging 'this'! Impromptu!

So I have a Chinese friend in my class. We have taken same subjects in this semester and so obviously we interact everyday and have become good friends. The extremely helpful guy, We will call him 'Y'! No, neither he acts 'Paresh Raval of Judai' with a 'why' question on his forehead nor he works on 'why why analysis' all the time. ( Sorry bad joke!) Digress.

So Y sent me a text message yesterday, "Read XYZ question from 123 Chapter on the page 420".
(Okay, it was not 420, but I am giving an example.) Weird right?
I asked, "Why?"
He said " Read it Just because I feel so"!
I asked if he was feeling something more. *Grins*
He did!!!
After half and hour he had some more 'Feelings'!

I suddenly dived into my imaginary world created by my silly stupid mind,

Y: "Dont 'You' feel anything?
Bubblegum: "No!"
Bubblegum: " Kuch bhi nahi hota 'Y', tum nahi samjoge!"

*Running away from brick bats raining!*

PS: I certainly cant share this joke stupidity with Y, I think I will make him watch 'Kuch Kuch hota hai'!
PS 2: Not a single question from the bunch of 'feelings' was asked! :D


  1. Bubblegum,

    Nice go see you continuing. Such feelings can be misleading,isn't it?

    Take care

  2. So you are back:)))))) What a relief!