June 29, 2012

Taking charge of!

Now this friend of mine, who is expert in showing Shanpatti to me (That is why I call him 'Shana'), gone bonkers a few days ago after getting lost in the 'Mumbai ki bhid' with the mobile switched off. Dont even dare to ask "What happened"! You will get a grilling answer! (Words can grill too!) Being a manager in "Vendor development" department of an OEM, I started looking for the 'Root cause'! I discussed all solutions of the cause with my bro-buddy and his 'Good' friend.

The root cause: Mobile battery! Nah, it is not defective any more, The mobile was lost as I mentioned and so the new battery of smart phone is all rolling in the right place. The new battery has a condition, it has to be charged like any other battery and which is not accepted by Shane :D In simple language, he forgets to charge his mobile and so every three days we have to trace the otherwise a 'Vibrant' personality.Well, today when I post this, I must appreciate his efforts in charging his battery properly since a few days.

Solutions: Keeping mobile charged. In case of my dear buddy it doesn't work. So Ms.Bubblegum and Mr.Bro-buddy started a brain storming session for the solution while Shane was wandering in the 'pahodi ki vadiya' in Switzerland. We came up some crazy and innovative ideas which are still not invented. Sheesh. But we follow Einstein Quote! Imagination is powerful!

  1. We can design a mobile, which connects to the wi-fi as soon as it enters the office and the battery gets charged up automatically by wi-fi. I know the innovative idea is a crazy one logically , but all you geeks, can you make it possible to help my friend? :D
  2. A mobile, which when put in the pocket of the trousers gets connected to the fixture with the charging point. So as and when Shana puts mobile in the pocket, the charging will start and as most of the time, his mobile resides in the pocket, it will never get discharged! 
  3. A renewable energy source-Solar Panel. I suggested to stick the solar panel at the back of the mobile and it will contain the self-charger inside the mobile only. As the silicon used in the panel are so sensitive, they will keep the phone charged up for the whole day!  :D
  4. We also thought of investing some awesomely huge (if that makes sense!) money in the research of 'Telepathy' systems to get rid of the whole 'Charging' problem. Bambu not available so no one will be able to play bansuri! (Na rahega baans na bajegi bansuri!) Sheesh.
  5. The last and almost 80% solution of the problem, is to give a challenge to Shana on charging his battery. The not-so-short tempered angry young man can do anything to win the challenge or promise. If at all he promises. Be it, not talking on phone at all with any one when he is on his way to his home, far away and the battery meter is showing only 5% left and thus win the challenge for one more day :/
With these amazing five solutions , I can say we have worked hard on your problem dude. (I am sure he doesn't name this thing as a a 'problem'!) VA is also helpful though she tries to pester you with some taunts and warnings which work sometimes! :D

Conclusion: The above five solutions are actually not made by sane people but then , some day these insane people are going to shine. As 'Insane' people end up inventing things!!! 

 "Insane inside, Innovation outside"! Ting ting tiding!

I guess, we are taking charge if "Invention"! Specially for you Shane! :)

PS: There is no 'PS' today, if at all you are still reading this crazy post of mine ;)


  1. Bubblegum,

    Hats off to Friend HO TO AISAA. For a friend you do not mind becoming insane but who knows that one of your ideas, like solar or body charging may come true one day.

    Take care