September 1, 2012

Scattered Dynamism!

Some incidents do make you think over them, some make you laugh over them. Some make you cherish them all your life, if you remember. Thought of capturing them in text on the blog, Bubblegum Here you go!Starting off with those scattered tit bits of my life in Singapore.

  • We, three, actually peeped out the big window of our room to spot the girl in the pink and green saree in the hostel in Singapore! She had put on a Gajara too. Man, what a surprise. While both girls with me were admiring the Indian Saree culture, I was trying to figure how can some one wrap the saree so so perfect!!! Oh, the fourth one was sleeping :D
  • We, four, often fall into laughter pools induced by Poor Jokes. I guess I or she leads the crowd of four to swim in the same. Talking about smiles in life!
  • Mr.Consolidation, my friend in USA calls me and I try to piss him off with my so called attitude and he does the same sometimes. Period. 
  • Mr.Shana, well this guy along with my Bro-buddy out there in India, constantly keep me 'On the Go'! Apart from 'do this and do that', they also make sure if I am taking care of myself and poor guys, while doing such an auspicious task fall flat by my irritation!Talk about home sickness and assignments. 
  • I am not jogging properly since the day I have hurt my knee badly. I tried once but I was surrounded by my appointed Body Guard by one more roomie , to make sure that I control my emotions and don't start running.Apparently I was happy with walking.
  • I was wondering why people follow any good or bad leader in such a blind way? About Google Hang out of Narendra Modi.No one asked questions which should be asked, and a girl from Delhi asked about his diet. Really?
  • One of my profs looks like the elder brother of Jacky Chan. By god, I just focus on his gestures, I really have to struggle to listen to him- in terms of getting my brain right on the lecture topic.
  • Another prof of mine, is the best for the 'Santoor' ad in India. Inki twacha ko dekhake umar ka pata hi nahi chalata!! Really. Another awesome fact is she owns zillion gadgets and I think I have decided my ideal teacher now.
  • I am trying to implement a little bit of discipline in my life. Drinking proper amount of water, jogging or walking a lot lot, stretching-Yoga. Most important sleeping on time. Any ideas which make me sleep on time apart from working out heavily in day time?
  • Addicted to Norah Jones songs suddenly. You want a bad revenge ful girl, better listen to "Happy Pills" and a small, mellow-voice girl, just grab the 'Sunrise'!
  • I am completely jealous of my friends meeting up in Gurgaon for a month or two. I just don't want to see your photos on Face book. Wooosh Wooosh! Your Doda Barfi will be jinxed by me. Don't even dare to have them!
  • I really wish I will have something  beautiful to blog about,the next time I open this blog. I really really wish. I don't want to make the scattered boring post again :/
Sorry guys, but life is all about scattered dynamics- The another chapter you must add in to Physics of life!


  1. The diversified random bullets.. They are good though..!!

  2. Bubblegum,

    Nice updates. I forgot to ask earlier, how are you feeling now? Do take care of your knee.

    Take care

  3. Not a boring post! It's good to find a place in your blogs :)

  4. Oh, I had really forgotten that you are from Gujarat. Your reference to Narendra Modi reminded me about that.

    Will it be too sensitive for you to say something about him?

    1. May be not for me. The thing is picture outside Gujarat is too different than what we feel. Frankly we never witnesses a riot after two days of the whole Godhara kand. Second, I respect what he is doing for Gujarat, I am one of those people, who have been thrilled by the speed of development. But, I hate blind fan following. A leader can not be perfect in politics and so I am not a blind fan. It irritates me when people talk about Hinduism. It seems, Modi himself has stopped and surprisingly ALL My Muslim friends of Ahmedabad are his blind followers! Damn!

  5. Did you get hurt while jogging? Get well soon.

    1. Yeah :D I am still not recovering but gonna catch the jog track soon! :)