December 1, 2012

From the 'Elder' sister!

It is that time of the year. On Second December, two decades ago, a series of really amazingly shocking (yeah these two words describe the perception of four year old Bubblegum) incidents happened to me.

I have a blurred image of the state of mind- I was confused, I was scared. My father had asked me to be with my aunt, my really BIG cousins were trying to keep me engaged and calm since hours.I really did not know what was going on. The only thing I was looking forward to was- my another aunt, who was going to come from Jamnagar and she had promised me to make a bowl of spinach soup on phone.I have another image too, after a few hours or may be days, there was some news in the air- Curfew in Ahmedabad and I had no idea where my mom was. Frankly, I was happy to see my dad or may be I could not identify my mom with a little kid in the hospital. Memories decay.

I remember the reaction which I suppressed seeing my mother's enthusiasm about a small red faced kid in her arms.For some days I thought 'my younger brother' was an ugly fatty kid and now when I see old photos I realize, he used to look so cute, honestly no body can beat that cuteness. No, I never looked so cute in my life. (My frock buddy N loves his cuteness! Huh!) He doesnt look that cute now luckily. Talking about sibling rivalry.

Baby record book written for me shows (and his too), I accepted him just like an elder sister should do. Just that sometimes when dad used to make him eat,asking me to eat on my own, I used to die with jealousy. Days passed, the fat little kid has now out grown me in heights by some six- eight inches (Now stop staring!) and also in the energy level. Yeah we both used to drink milk together, yet nature played a game on me! (Grins!)

No, we don't share my life-events with him, there are some reasons. I still think he is my younger brother ,so I demand that respect ,he still thinks, I am going to scold him for all those tiny things with which he annoys mom to the core. No, I can not ask him if he thinks Deepika Padukone looks hot.We both might die seeing each other's reactions!

No, we are not detached siblings! Of course I am his medium to transfer his 'wishes' to my parent's mind with all convincing sessions. Unlike those old days, when I used to hide his destructions under my portfolio and then shout at him after facing mom dad, we don't fight so hard. Of course punching each other on backs, targeting the spine or throwing pens at each other don't suit us now! We now observe silence when fight. We plan it for days and end up forgetting in an hour or two.

No, he still irritates me and I do so too, but we both have increased our tolerance limits like anything in past twenty years. So, my dear brother aka my fitness guide-car driver-singer, please increase your tolerance by some hundred folds on your birthday!

You are going to face me for a month- after some three years- soon!!

"Happy Birthday!"

PS: By the way numbers of  baby record books (mine!) shows, mom loves me more! I know this since years but never told you, brother!


  1. Hahahaha. What a lovely elder sister to have. Happy Birthday to dear younger brother. :)

  2. Super like.. :) Happy B'day to him.!!

  3. Bubblegum,

    Please convey Belated Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to him on my behalf. You both have same age gap as our daughter and son have. So I can well visualize how it must have been between two of you.

    Take care