December 27, 2012

And I have no words for my Mumbai trip!

No India trip can take shape without a Mumbai trip. Though it was a very short (For a city like Mumbai) for me I could do *somethings* I had thought of. Oh yeah I had a tiny Mumbai trip this time when I am in India!

The Mumbai Morning on the railway platform was obviously excited as I met my bro buddy after six months and of then the fun filled ride started off. My short office visit made me nostalgic and met all those people who loved me, cared for me and supported me when I was working  jumping there. Though it was not possible to meet every one for a longer period of time, as I was messing up with my hundred jobs to be done in the awesome city, I know many many buddies out there is cursing me for not meeting up properly.

The reception of my Cubicle partner Z was an awesome inter cultural experience with some charismatic and some comic personalities around me. My friend Shana of course made an extra effort to take a day off on 24th on his 'Happy wala birthday' which ended up in two trips to Star Bucks, The Dabang- 2 and a roller coaster auto rickshaw ride.Somethings never ever change and one of them is my love for Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Ah, and of course our chit chats full of leg pulling sessions.

The quick hug from my dream city (again a dream!), costly auto rickshaw rides with my best buddies, functions full of chirps and of course the very homely feeling which was absolutely absent in Singapore except visits to her place.

Every night I wanted to stop the clock and rewind it again to the first day of the trip. I craved to be with my friends again and again every day and I still do. I love the speed of the city, the way it adapts to needs of every stranger- be it a pair of Pav vada or a pair of stylish shoes. The city offers everything to every one here.

Sometimes it feels rude when I say I love Mumbai more than Ahmedabad now, may be becuase my small town is no more the small one and suddenly I have lost the connection. The only place makes me super warm in Ahmedabad is my sweet home and in Mumbai, well even the super polluted air-slums make me high. There is no point in comparison though and I digress.

Christmas charols all around in the city and those coffee-lunch sessions with my buddies, the awesome comfort of my friend's amazing home in the only huge township in Mumbai made it the best ever tiny trip.

With lots of tears in the end when I started for Ahmedabad again.

I have no words to express more than this!


  1. Bubblegum,

    Very unfair of you for not visiting Delhi. Hope next time you do so.

    Take care

  2. No words to write and u write a thesis. Imagine what u would have done if u had the right words....a book:)