December 12, 2012

While and when I reached home!

The long awaited moment was being enjoyed a lot when I started from my hostel to the airport. To keep my excitement on the saner side I decided to talk to the cab driver who was actually eager to know if I was a foreigner or a Singaporean. Those twenty minutes in my life actually made me proud being an Indian, made me aware that cab drivers in Singapore are well educated and knowledgeable personas. The man knew so much about Indian politics, culture, locations and of course good/bad habits of us, Indians. When he waved me 'BYE', I did not realized, it was just a starting, I am going to meet many more persons to call us as my buddies, at least for the journey part.

Two long and boring hours were spent doing window shopping and loosing my way to the correct 'Gate'. No one met me with whom I can start a talk and the reason I jumped from one shop to another to just keep myself calm. After security check in, it happened which did not happen in last three week. I slipped one more time and again the same knee got injured. When an Indian aunty (and none of the airport/airlines staff of Changi bothered about it) came to my rescue and I got the surprise. A friend of my university suddenly appeared from no where, made me sit aside and helped me to walk to the sit in the plane. The pain was so much that I almost cried, which subsided in smiles when I saw the whole flight full of Indian students. Yeah I had like minded people in the boring five hours journey, I enjoyed it to the core.

One of my buddies, as per my idea was waiting outside the International airport who had to manage with all my luggage so that I can enjoy all desi Pavbhaji and other delicious stuff. Those three hours passed in a blink! I ate so much that God knows how I managed to check in for the next flight to my home town. My dear buddy managed to throw the sleepy me inside the airport to take the flight. Of course I knew Air India would cause me more pain, with dull and messy atmosphere all around. No, I avoided everything as my energy was being used by my conscious to keep myself awake till I board the plane. Ones I boarded the plane, it was just sleeping and sleeping for almost forty five minutes followed by hassling on the airport to find my luggage- No administration was good but I was too sleepy even to identify my luggage.

Then I saw my Momma and my not-so-fatty-now-fitness-freak brother waiting for me, outside the arrival lounge  Then I remember only two things, My brother surprised me with a bag which contained life- P.A.N.P.U.R.I. Needless to say I could eat some six-seven, dived in the different world, kept my aching leg in the rear sit and slept off. The other day I found myself in the comfort of that very own warm environment.



  1. welcome back to India(ahmedabad?)!! :D :D

    seems like u felt like a bird coming back to its nest after a long flight....!

    Enjoy (panipuri)! :P

  2. Bubblegum,

    Caught up with 3 pending posts. Welcome home. All is well which ends well, numb omens or not. How is your knee now? You seem to have made a habit of hurting your knee. Please do take precautions.

    Take care

    PS : Please do let me know if you visit Delhi by any chance.

  3. So your same knee has got hurt again!
    Anyway it will soon be alright with your near and dear ones around you,
    Have a happy time at home.