December 5, 2012

Numb omens.

I have experienced two kinds of omens like many people do, Good ones and Bad ones. I have recently discovered the third type.

As I am done with my exams and counting days for my India trip (which is 'ten'!), I am able to read numb omens.Let me explain. When my exams were going on, I was pretty excited over excited and sometimes even I found myself nervous about the whole trip- Expectations kill everything. After exams I am excited to a level which is actually not identifiable. I am numb-close to nervous and very close to excitement-If you can get what I mean.

I have decided to not to plan much, I am waiting for the trip to unfold fun with suspense, surprises and mysteries! I am sure some lovely people waiting for me back home are ready to have fun and I will be coming back in a new Avtar with hundreds of sentiments captured in my memory. This trust over destiny doesn't make me feel any better though. I have hundred things to do before I leave, and yet when I steal some time to dream about India I read 'Numb Omens' all over.

I guess, 'Numb Omens' sometimes bring big (and good?) changes in life.

Well, I can just wait, Numb omens!

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