December 15, 2012

The voice

As I type in the comfort of my home, on my favorite couch with no caffeine in my hand I can feel the wave spreading in my mind. A wave soothing and relaxing me, my mind, my body and the soul.

I agree it is not the effect of my stay at home. In fact I was disturbed in a subconscious way I say. There was no single prominent reason for the little bit shocking state of mind, but still I suffered the little pain.In the morning I avoided talking to any one much and of course my dad again questioned if there was anything which made me worried.Obviously my answer was 'No'. I wanted something which I did not know. No, it did not hurt me or gave me pain, I was just a little bit hassled.

Suddenly a voice called me. I know this voice so much. It is a mirror sometimes, if I sound happy the voice increases it thousand times. If I sound low, it tries  to console and give solutions. If I crib it scolds me such that I will back to my original self.

The voice I heard for some twenty minutes. I was almost floating on the wave in my home, with a feel which adored me, pampered me. I interacted with the voice.The disturbance disappeared and while working after some time of the whole 'voice session', I realized,

Not every one is blessed with the voice. I am.

The voice of my best of best buddy!

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  1. Bubblegum,

    May you both have such good and understanding relationship always.

    Take care