December 18, 2012

Click for colour Green.

We had a huge garden at my old home, of course it was not that good. Ahmedabad is a city where a dessert takes birth every summer and by the time a sapling nurtures itself again the next summer returns  Though it was my papa's hard work ,my mom's help and a little bit of help from me and my brother (We were more interested in messing up with Mitti and Pani!) we could cultivate it. Any way nostalgia did not stop us from keeping ourselves away from the colour green.

At my new home, in the big balcony we have, papa and mom managed to create the same atmosphere if not the whole garden after months.It was tough and it is still tough to maintain. Papa also made a 'Green Parda' for 'green kids' to protect them from the harsh sunlight of the city.

I decided to capture some clicks of my favorite corner!


  1. I would love to sit on that swing any time :)

    Lovely work by your family Bubblegum!!

  2. That's a very pretty and comfortable looking corner of the house. :)

  3. Bubblegum,

    My compliments to your parents.

    Take care

  4. Me and my sister used to do gardening a lot....(lucky to be a gandhinagar citizen :D)
    And now I'm the only gardener of my family :P

    1. Haha... My father can become a full time gardener! We are only a kind of help.