December 9, 2012

So it is that time..

When I am numb enough and not feeling the actual charm. Yes, I am excited and yet a feeling inside me is resisting my mind from making any plans. I want to feel India, India with my own people, my own society, my own cities and my own soul, with all surprises.

I want to breathe in the otherwise polluted air, which is perceived as 'warmth' in my heart. I want to see those unknown and yet familiar faces, Indian faces. Just to connect with. I want to hear all my Indian languages, which I can understand or even better,which I can not. Of course I want to make myself realize that I am yet to explore the 'one' culture of India which includes billions of rituals, believes, thinking and life styles.

It seems I just landed up in Singapore, with eyes full of tears before a few minutes. Moments?Months and now here I am, ready to just fly to India and hug the very same 'my feeling'!

Words are less to explain, feelings are more than intense.

I can just say, 'It is that time...'!!!

Mumbai and Ahmedabad (with many other places I am planning to visit!) Here I come!