February 4, 2013

A diary of a girl-Marriageable!

The title lowers down my blood pressure to minus level but then I remember, "Hello, you are the one who is going to write the first chapter of the diary and you are the one who will keep on writing about this till your parents cry on your Vidai"! Accepted, I have a huge mental stock of notes to write about the subject.

Parents know us better than ourselves. Problem arises when a girl who is twenty four and in a few months going to turn twenty five, does not know how to calm down. Relatives suddenly love you more than you ever had thought of, they suddenly feel you are adorable, lovely, beautiful, smart , talented and other adjectives you might like when used in a job interview. Mom starts indirect hinting about her requirements, papa agrees or disagrees pleasantly but yet, avoiding the whole discussion. The brother who is actually good for nothing in such debates irritates you by silly PJs and stupid future plans.

A phone call comes and the Uncles brings you a match for his son who is good five years old and your mom (with a heavy heart) says no, you are studying. The Uncle doesn't give up, he says,'See I have a younger son too who is jusssst two years elder to your daughter'. Wont you give up? Yeah your father burns up in the heart and your mom who is actually possessive about you will say, dont answer them like this, Wont look good.

Your friends who all have got their life partners from the same school group or their college groups, ask you impatiently if I am planning to get engaged to some one. Just because the fun I had in their functions was worth being jealous for. They want to feel the same. Agree.

I am jobless, as I am studying. I might graduate this Aug and I am sure by the time I will be either in a state of depression or engaged. What a choice.

Sometimes you have a way to achieve your dreams- Personal or professional, but then the main gate to them has some billions of locks. Sad, you are yet to find keys. You are tired. You try to just take a hibernate state outside the gate. Gulp, and you make peace with your life.

That is what I am suppose to do right now.


  1. Oh so the pressure is already built up..Cathartic post !!

    I can completely understand because the same situation holds for a boy too who is studing and jobless :)

  2. The latent love of parents and relatives show up more at such a juncture. Wish you get a loving and caring life-partner!