February 12, 2013

A 'lonely' traveler

You do not realize some really striking truths about your life, unless a point of no returns occurs. Sometimes a long distance makes you realize the worth of such moments. Situations make your choices so complex and you end up just seizing your future at one end holding a heavy heart full of memories on the other hand. This phase comes in each of our lives.

Yesterday when I was travelling through MRT, the so called local train of Singapore, I realized in my travelling in much much more crowded local trains of Mumbai, I was never ever alone. No, I was not over pampered. Okay I was pampered but it was that moment when 98% of my best buddies resigned and I was left alone with some stupid yet adorable buddies who made me much more independent than I was. I used to travel alone from Kandivali to Churchgate alone, almost every weekend, not a big deal for any Mumbaikar. The deal is to travel alone in Singapore. 'Alone in Mumbai train' and 'Alone in Singapore' train  are poles apart.

'Alone in Mumbai' is like being with known strangers. 'Alone in Singapore' is like being with unknown strangers. No smiles, No affection in eyes, No talks even on calls, No books. No rarely I saw people reading books here in the train, forget talking. I see almost all glued into their smart phones. Even a three year old kid.  In Mumbai it was sharing of food (not recommended though), sharing of smiles, let others sit on the same crowded berth, may be whole India inside the single compartment of every train. 'Apna India'!

It struck me in those two hours, back and forth journey. For full four hours I felt the difference.'Being alone' is a relative term now.

Sometimes you don't realize somethings till they are pushed into your life.

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  1. Yes, things that are pushed into your life become part of your life. Yours being lonely is like the sky without stars :) it isn't obvious for a gregarious soul, is it ?