February 10, 2013


Just a month I have come back from India and I have lost my fresh state of mind. Assignments have just started pouring in our accounts and we are yet to fight the real war.There are two three days in my kitty to rejuvenate myself and what I need is a bunch of friends to feel fresh with my kinds of activities.

No I gel with all kinds of creatures on this earth. Almost. But, I have this special characteristic which allows only a few of my friends to make me feel the change, which brings back my attitude.Sad, but I am yet to feel such vibes in Singapore. I don't blame or expect things from friends over here, I don't judge them too, just that I am unable to form the bond which I feel I had/have with my friends in India. That is a failure on my side.

My kind of a freshness is some what which comes from an adrenaline rush? May be a day on the beach or a forest track? May be a play or just a day in SPA. Well, the Spa thing sounds a costly affair but wishes can touch the sky. Don't you think?

Then there are a gang of friends (rather a majority of the chunk) who enjoy going to a disc. If you talk about dance, I have found almost two three in the world who have the kind of craziness for dance like me, but when it comes to disc, it slips into drinking. I have no problems with drinks or even drunkards. I don't drink and as of now it is my decision. Neither I am to be feel ashamed nor they should. So when it comes to holidays, going to a disc, dancing in those disc lights while drinking a bottle of coke,makes me feel different, but only for two hours.

So the real question lies that what should I do. Suggest! Well I know I might end up doing something weird!! I am still open to suggestions! :D

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  1. Retrospect and get vitality from your cheerful life at India! I am sure you cannot lose your ability to pull joy from every moment :)

    I also haven't believed that going to disk or getting drunk would impart you with joy,it may but momentarily.. Treasure of pleasure lies within you !!

    Still if you feel down, do listen to this song.. A friend has suggested me few days back and you know that it really works :)

    I you get your adrenaline rush soon !!