February 25, 2013

Awesome Amdavad!

Today is my town's Happy wala Birthday! I meant, do you celebrate the real birthday? We do!

As Mr.Wikipedia has mentioned the History of my city! I would like to give some really awesome and some disgusting facts  about my Amdavad?! Ah, Apanu Amdavad! (Our Amdavad!)

  • So when you say you are one generation Amdavadi, normally people will consider you more money minded than Gujaratis of other cities in the state. Why ? We make more than a few crores every year in one or two days on Uttarayan (Kites!) and Dashahara (Fafda Jalebi)! No serious, we are crazy for seasonal goods, be it crackers, kites or Fafda Jalebi!
  • Each cross road junction is blessed with one Vadapau-Dabeli stall, one Farsan stall and most probably a tapari for cutting tea and Muska bun. Yeah we love to share tea (and price), hence cutting tea only!
  • Girls here are not shy and still we cover our faces with Dupattas. No choice, we cant burn our faces in the harsh sun of Amdavad in any season! So, our friends need to have awesome observation skills. Ah, they know which girls wear which duppatta?! 
  • Our favourite festivals are Navaratri and Uttarayan. In Navaratri we dont sleep and just do Garba, In Uttarayn we just refuse to go downstairs even at night. Do we care about money? No! :D
  • We don't cook dinner on Saturdays/Sundays generally, rather dare to wait for hours outside any restaurants in the town to let us in and enjoy the delicious food. By the way, we don't wait for weekends to have ice creams. Naturals and Baskin robins dont run better than our own Havmor, Amul, Rajasthan and Janta ice creams!
  • We have the most modern bunch of Aunites who dare to flaunt jeans, skirts even at the age of forty with all those fat cells attached with the body. Ah, they also take proud when their daughters and daughter in laws wear fancy frocks and shorts with adorable figures! 
  • We have disgusting traffic and parking sense. The government keeps on widening roads, we keep on parking our vehicles on the road. They keep on making laws, we keep on finding loop holes! They tried Gandhigiri once by giving roses to ones who broke traffic roles, I fear some of us might placed roses in their drawing rooms!
  • We are cricket crazy people. So, generally Indian cricket team wins matches against Pakistan and Australia when they play in our city. Yeah we get sentimental about the whole winning against these two nations!
  • We are one of the top cities producing cotton even after loosing many many mills, who made our city 'Manchester of India' a few decades ago. Pepe jeans to Levis, guys, you wear clothes made in this city. Ladies, better you shop sarees, kurtis and lehengas from Amdavad, I promise you will see varieties you never had in your life.
  • We are proud of the river we have. A few years ago we adorably called it 'Gutter mati' and now we call the river 'Flowing Sabarmati'! Narmada blessed her, she blessed us!
  • We have some of the best institutes of India including IIM, ISRO, PRL, NID and CEPT. Still we think, we don't need this degree of MBA, Its in the blood, you see! ;)
  • We are bad when it comes to serving India through Army. We only give financial services.
  • We are at number one position when it comes to Charted accountancy. We get the highest results in India. We have highest numbers of CAs in the nations! Now you know we are the best at money! 
  • We are on cloud nine if we get any thing free of charge! M.A.F.A.T!
  • We celebrated when Tata decided to bring Nano plant to us. We are proud of the pace with which Amdavad has started blooming! Mind you, Amdavad changes every month!
  • You hurt us if you talk about only riots and earthquakes. We have moved on!
I know you are fed up of reading this and so May I conclude here? Why The Ahmedshah planned this city centuries ago??

He saw rabbits fighting with wild dogs to survive in this area and he knew how people from this region can fight the destiny!

"Jab kutte pe sassa aya, Tab Badshah ne sheher Basaya!"

 So, if you know old Amdavad or can decipher Gujarati ( I guess it is more global than English!), here is the song for you! A way too old song with Asrani in the lead role!


  1. Awsome... proud to b amdvadi...

  2. You remined me of the lovely years that I had spent there!! There is no place like Ahmedabad!!


    Belated Birthday wishes!

  3. I was in Jamnagar, schooling in KV Jamanagar Air Force. We went to play basket ball zonal level at shahi Bagh Ahemdabad. The memory still resides and your post was cherry on the cake. Keep writing.

    1. :) Thank you and keep in touch :)

  4. its 'Ahmedabad'..and you say you guys have moved on, such pity!

    1. For us its Amdavad, for you it might be Ahmedabad.

      Yes we have moved on and so I pity 'YOU'!

      You could have put your name if you really wanted to convey your point. Thank you.