February 22, 2013

The Ultimate Gift

Some body, I don't remember who, gave me this specific movie. No I am not 'a movie on laptop buff', but the situation made me open the file and see the movie. Thank God, I did not check those reviews online which say the movie is total okay and not directed properly. Some what like 'Miya Biwi Razi, fir kya karega kazi', I loved the movie and hence the review or a tiny write up.I don't review a movie otherwise.

No I don't want to tell this story, I choose to tell about the story. The emotional touch is loud and pinch of pain is in every scene, but it does make you cry tears of realization ,tears for love. The guy and the tiny girl acts splendidly.

I must say, the hero or as I said 'the guy', has some amazing stubbornness when character wants and a smile to die for, tears to share with and a story you might want to be a part of. The girl's mom whom I find really beautiful works equally good and I feel a little bit of more she could have get from the movie. The girl, a tiny brain full of wisdom and practicality is so adorable that, on each of her sentence I can cry for.The old man along with his Secretary who drove the whole story actually plays the role in a transparent manner. A little fraction of a second and an appropriate expression is something I loved about the move.

The story about gifts of hard work, true friends, emotions , gratitude, learning and dreams. The story of about three lives who can make you cry.

I found the movie is on some novel. No I might not read the novel. Some times when you love those actors playing in such a  touchy manner that you refuse to imagine any other persons taking their places and so I might watch this movie when I feel my life is emotionless. Just to feel the pain and just to cry for the love.

I watched it several times in last two three days.

PS: I loved the guy's work here. Even a smile and tears speak a lot.

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