February 11, 2013

Pumpkins and Honey Bunnies!

"You are my Pumpkin Pumpkin, Hello Honey bunny?!"

Really? It is so insulting. The imagination of some one really singing the jingle for you. First of all you call me a pumpkin? Are you making fun of my fat? It takes years of efforts and a splendid genetic inheritance to achieve those many numbers of fat cells. Dont you even dare to call a Pumpkin. I have never ever tasted it and if I will, I will smash it in the Dhanshak and have it. Even kids make a joke out of Pumpkins during that scary festival.

Honey? Dude that is so cheesy! You copied my mom basically and when you called me honey, it looks like you have mixed cheese with it. No never, I also carry bloody blood sugar in my genes. Dont kill me before I get it!

Bunny? Dude I have got a perfect teeth orientation. May be better than Madhuri Dixit. I know, a little bit of exaggeration, but 'Bunny' is not at all Funny. Freakingly annoying it is! By calling me Bunny if you state my habit of eating up raw carrots stored in my fridge- well Just chuck the thought out of your mind. You might not get 'Gajar Ka Halwa' all your life just like those chocolaty momma loving heroes in Bollywood movies. No I am not talking about Ranbir Kapoor here.


I got up, opened my eyes. A sense of relief, no one was calling me by the so called catchy ringtone. Which I accept has an amazing rhythm.

 A scary me or the scary dream?

I think, I should put a small note here.

Dear my future Husband,
Kindly go through all these points before you call me 'something'! :D Well I kind of like the tune so I sing it some times, but basically it doesn't relate to any of desired virtues. Hopefully :D
Thank you!!

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  1. Ha ha.. what a subject to write on ! It seems you are back with all those fun..:)

    Ya Kareena has better teeth orientation than Madhuri :):)

    Enjoy !!