April 15, 2015

27ish and something :)

Yes, I am still the kid at heart who gets excited about her birthday. This time I behaved like a little mature kid by hiding the day (and the year!) on the Facebook and so did not recieve a LOT many messages/calls! Not that remembering dates make you more social and warm, I just wanted to enjoy whatever I do to the fullest.I thought of presenting (20) 15 facts about this birthday of mine!

  1. My Gang made this awesome plan of 'The engagement' of our friend -'Chitrole', which was likely to occur as his family is hunting for a bride. I was shattered when I saw the nervous face last week when we met at another friend's place. I was sad for him as he told us there is no scope of saying 'No' and his parents have already decided to get him married to the girl. I was shown the photo as well. We all tried to console congratulate him and cheer him up. His weirdly nervous face rang the bell which I conveniently ignored. Mr.ISB asked me to come back from Mumbai that week for the birthday as in the evening the  'Engagement' was to take place as a surprise party for me. Well, my gang is just awesome and they spoil me to the core. :)
  2. Investors/ Team members/Mentors of my start up (whom I need to give the blog name) tried to force me to come to Office so we can have fun but they knew it would be my first birthday after wedding so I was spared.
  3. My mom and sister (by law and by heart) both knew about the plan and conveniently pushed me to go to Pune even when I said Mr.ISB would come down to Mumbai to be with us.
  4. Pre-birthday evening pissed me off due to boring traveling in the bus but it was followed by awesome home made pizzas by Mr.ISB! Pampering - never ending.
  5. I bought one of those books which was the result of my obsession with the movie 'Julie & Julia', and I read it for a few minutes. I slept off with the kindle beside me which made Mr.ISB uncomfortable as the cake and gifts were waiting for me!
  6. At 12, I was wide awake with a cake in front of me and some gifts. A chef Knife set I wanted since looooong. Some Gujarati literature books which I wanted to re-read to revamp my hold on the language. Even when Mr.ISB can not read Gujarati properly, he and my mom made up a story to know which all books I love and which we have at home!
  7. The best part was the first and the last call to wish me at 12 , by my bro-buddy and Mr.ISB's best friend! He never misses it anyway! I was happy I could sleep properly as since last 5 birthdays I could not sleep properly at night and end up feeling super sleepy for the whole birth-day. I recived messages and calls by my first-gang-of-old-Mumbai-Days!
  8. My Singapore flatmates called me in the morning and we talked after like ages. Not to forget, these friends poke me unintentionally in my mind whenever I hold my mug to have to awesome tea with ginger. 
  9. As we were to attend the 'engagement',Mr.ISB planned the birthday lunch at my favorite restaurant. 'Greens and Olives' is one of those restaurants which has the delicious, mouth watering Italian food with rich flavors I have ever had.
  10. A bag from my brother & parents , a mortal and a pestle which was long needed with some exact requirements made the way to me. A big stone made mortal - pestle pair is something I wanted it since long and the current obsession thanks to movie 'Julie and Julia' made it even stronger. Mr.ISB picks the matter from my mind which creates such random wishes all the time!
  11. My gang sans the fake Dulha picked us up from home and I realized the bigger plan of my surprise birthday party. With a big pink Joker hat, I was given my most Favorite home made chocolate mud cake to cut which showed my age as '72' and it got happily cut by me! Of course a semi chocolate facial and the gift of a portable Phillips easy-to-use media player were presented. I love simpler things and my gang knows it much better!
  12. The gang of 5 and 2 husbands with one more friend from my old office laughed out all those lungs we had in leg pulling sessions focused on each of us. The happiness radiated from me to them and that is why birthdays are celebrated! 
  13. We forced the fake Dulha to get engaged just to irritate him. The poor guy was under performance pressure while talking to me for a week. I was relieved for him as he was not actually getting engaged to the girl with whom he had met only once! :)
  14. I was tired by the time we reach back home but I realized I was still not sleepy. I wanted to read that Julia Book and I wanted to play with the media player I was just gifted. I did!! 
  15. I realized age is not even a number. I get better birthday parties and better surprises year by year! 
Am I aging too gracefully? ;-)

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