April 27, 2015

A for Air Conditioners Aka AC

So I had to brainstorm a bit and choose from some words like 'Adorable' and 'Adjustments' but I decided to be a bit unpredictable to myself. I choose, Air Conditioners aka AC aka AirCon.

My affair with AC was always a hate hate relationship. I love Air condition in the 'ON' condition for around fifteen minutes and then the word 'Hate' starts being meaningful to me.

At Ahmedabad, in our circle we were one of those privileged (By force) families to have an AC in 80s. My mom ran a computer class with only one machine and the temperature of Ahmedabad in summers (and most of the other months too) tried to compete with its own records. (It over competes now!) We had to install an AC which was a BIG investment for my dad who just started up with his new business. So apparently it was  the room which was actually an office had an AC and we used to sleep in the air which smelt wet due to moisture, being thrown out of the cooler. In fact I remember filling in water inside the cooler tank, to be a major and first important job given to me and my brother together. We never needed the AC.

Slowly the heat started showing its face more than any other summers in Ahmedabad. We had to move around a lot outside in the scorching sun as well. So when we shifted to our new house, my mom who is a high blood pressure patient installed ACs all over. My parents love AC and the only room which does not have an AC is my (Ex)room now! I think, the AC-Hating feature skipped a generation, my Dadi never ever liked it.

During my tenures in Nashik, I had nothing at home. The Nashik office had air conditioning - I did not like. Singapore, was horribly humid but at the same time a few hours and what we used to get were waves of cool breeze. (My Singapore friends would say otherwise now!) Pune had the same effect. Now when I have a home here in Pune, we have not installed an AC and things are pretty good thanks to the weather. Of course the AC loaded office cubicles make my ribs scream with pain for some reasons.

Mumbai though changed my opinion to some extent. Coolers can not work here. The sweltering heat and sweating phenomena can only be altered by the Air conditioning. Even in such a condition, I can only stay or sleep for an hour or so. Either I need blankets or just switch the damn AC off. Mr.ISB needs AC every where, now if he helps in the kitchen in Mumbai - I am sure one more AC is coming.

Air conditioning comes to me as a pleasant experience for maximum of an hour with the add on of body ache. I am not sure if it is a sort of disorder or just the hereditary from my grand mother.

Are you like me or my mom who apparently was born with a portable AC hanging around her neck in the super hot city of Kolkata?

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