April 30, 2015

D for Detox

Detoxification simply means draining toxins out of the system. So when we talk about the famous Detox Diet either through following some modern day fad cum fasting plan which ironically needs to be followed every other day or the traditional detoxification method with periodic fasting. The motto is simple - throwing out those toxic materials outside the body, make your body a bit healthier. 

I believe in detoxification of atmosphere around me. When I clean up the cupboard, kill my heart for a while and throw kilos of dumps out. When I clean out the kitchen every day. When I run and sweat out myself. I call all of these and similar activities, Detox. 

I believe (rather, want to believe and implement) in another kind of detox as well. Detoxification of the personal life. Throwing out clutter out of my mind and my memories. I want to throw out bad parts of my memories, which I hate, out of my life. I want to be close to people whom I love and want to keep in touch with them by any other mean than social media, of course. I want to throw cumbersome relationships out of my heart. This is an ideal state of mind - which like the probability of 1- nearly impossible. You can still reach 0.9999!

I want the courage to delete all those unwanted numbers out of my mobile by over coming the greed of being in touch some day. I want to stop replying people out of formality in those Whatsapp groups where I do not belong to. I want to get closer to people whom I love and who love me. I do not want to think about the neighbor 'Sharmaji' who might as well create anyway some random image of mine.Personal detoxification leads to social detoxification as well I guess.

By doing this, my mind would be free. Priorities would surface out. Relationships worth having would get intense. 

Detoxification would make me feel liberated for sure. In real sense. 

Dont you think so?

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