April 27, 2015

aPOINTment # 3

This poor little lady, yours truly is actually feeling bad about not structuring a proper blog post or creating a narration out of stagnant-on-the-verge-of-launching-into-excitement life. When nothing goes right and I want to write, I like the idea of aPOINTment!

  • This is my last week in Pune in a way. Mr.ISB would be living here till we entirely relocate to Mumbai. Mumbai life has already kicked off with my new job and some days spent there. With dad's cataract operation, which was planned by kids (us) as he was delaying just like that I could see more of Mumbai. Now when I am back to wrap up some of my luggage from Pune, an era is coming to the end. Hopefully.
  • Many people hate Mumbai, which I feel weird. Mumbai is India. We get the feel of diversity of India in Mumbai only. Keep your eyes open, breath the moisture and open your hearts! Each and every person with her/his own values build the spirit of Mumbai. Polluted, over populated but it is India and so I love it.
  • Summers here are unpredictable. Untimely rains every where brought calmness in the sweltering heat ocean but now it is depriving us from the amazing taste of mangoes. I meant, Amdavadis have not received the Geer Talala Kesar mangoes while Mumbai is able to enjoy Alphonso. Yes, my cousins back in home town are  jealous this time. 
  • I am going to live once more, the traveler's life for a few months. I am bucking up with new ideas to kill time in the bus apart from dozing off. A kindle, a music player and a blocked nose should be my constant companion to reach my destination safely. I love the smell of AC buses. Every where in the world.
  • I really want to start blogging daily once I settle in Mumbai. The time flies when I am there and I dont feel like spoiling the fun by opening up the laptop any time of the day or night. I suppose, slowly sinking into the daily business would vouch for some 'Me Time'. I would love to blog then.
  • My one of the Singapore friends gifted me an email. An email well beyond my maturity to digest. I wonder how her tiny little, younger-than-me-mind weaves such a train of thoughts. This has been an awesome gift for me. 
  • I am feeling the 27ish something age crisis. Fitness and work wise. I am running out of time to accomplish things I want to. Though I have enough examples in my world where age is truly a number, but health is not. Seriously.
  • The new chef at home - Mr.ISB has treated me some delicious sandwiches along with directly out of his own kitchen (and mine too!) - Aloo paratha , fried rice, Misal and Dosa with messy kitchen sometimes. The last part is necessary to be creative, right?
  • I am planning to blog about one topic every day starting from A to Z, like many other friends. They call it Blogathon. I am really going to struggle to do it daily but hey, I am on for it!
How are you doing? :)

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