April 17, 2015

aPOINTment #2

Hey all, I know I have been throwing points and bullets a lot on the blog but if I have 13874849 things to tell how do I construct a blog properly with exactly same amount of thoughts hovering around my tiny brain!

  • As I am writing this with a cup of my favorite tea with bags packed for Mumbai-4-days-trip, I have been wishing that this would be one of the last trips before I relocate without Mr.ISB. Well, people throw showers of sympathy on Mr.ISB as he would be helpless without me (Yeah, he married to me for cleaning home, drying clothes and cook as if!) I am amazed to see a sea of changes in him. He has started loving cooking just like me. Rest of the mess is still there but then I love him the way (Read:messy!) he is!
  • I worried about my tea mug , filter machine and my shawl without which I can not live. Should I keep them in Pune or Mumbai. Apart from shawl , I can not .. Note, I can not replicate them. I can not keep them in my bag every time I visit cities too! Lesson? Dont get attached to materialistic things. If you do, always love them in two! :D
  • Dance. Some videos surface out of the world wide web and make you do all those graceful steps while going berserk on music. That is my kind of a work out. 
  • I have been using this laptop owned by Mr.ISB during his ISB tenure which refused to work without the power adapter. After hunting for its battery like a mad shopping maniac lady, I got the battery but the laptop thought it is my struggling period with a start up so I might as well struggle some more. Now the cursor of the screen jumps around at any moment while I type. Just like a monkey. Monkey minded cursor for a monkey mind?
  • I have been hating the smell of AC buses since long. I have been punished to never get rid of these buses by the super power and I see no hopes for the improvement in the situation.
  • Working for a start up has brought impeccable amount of energy into my professional life. I am not struggling for time, I am struggling to get out of the enthusiasm just to balance out my life with a short jogging or a yoga session. 
  • I miss my Singapore friends a lot, especially one friend plans to meet another friend in Singapore. Some other friends post photos of beautiful Siloso beach and things like that. No, I still love living in India but God, bless me with some free time in the upcoming quarter. 
  • I have a super long pending list of friends with whom I need to catch up. Either on phone or over a cup of coffee. The mad shuttling between cities have made me so busy that the sight of a ringing phone itself puts me off. I do owe all of them calls or meetings. I do.
How is your life going on guys? If anyone reading this apart from those 10 people whom I know :D

Anyone? :D

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