April 8, 2015

The third parallel projection

This young lady called Julie is a big fan of Julia Child.  She starts a blog in which she writes about her cooking experiment - 524 recipes in 3 She 65 days straight from Julia Child Cook Book. She is frustrated with a job and she loves to cook,so it is about the excitement in her life this project can create.She finds amazing similarities between her life and Julia's life. Connections are deeper than the love for food. The story of this movie/book 'Julie and Julia' is brilliant. My Aunt Kaki in USA recommended the movie and after days, I got the chance to watch it. (When your husband packs your work diary to the out-of-town trip and forgets to pay for the internet, the only thing which calms you down is a mug of filter coffee made by yours truly in the machine gifted by friends and a new movie!)

My Kaki told me she remembered me while watching the movie. I was curious to know why and I know why , now. Julia had an adorable husband, high pitched voice, enthusiasm for everything to kill for and the love for food! Not to forget dramatic behavior! Julie had the same bunch of things. Yours truly does not have the cooking expertise like these two ladies and Julia's calmness which does not let her throw frustration at her husband unlike Julie. But, hey! I love food and cooking, apart from other small details in life we have in common.

Expressions when the food melts in the mouth. The connection we make with some mysterious energy waves from the universe when I cook my horribly restaurant dishes and they cook those delicious dishes. The way Julia feels and Julie cries when disappointing incidents happen is my habit too! The way Julia cries on the sofa while she reads the rejection from the publication company, the way Julie lies down in the kitchen while crying as she messed up with amazing dishes - Both habits have grown inside me too.Please note only husbands know what we do when sad in all cases!

The way Julia was wearing a pearl necklace all the time, Julie noticed the same in the movie! Well,I noticed this from the very first scene. No diamonds or gold chains chains can beat the elegance of pearls.

Julie finds comfort in cooking after the useless crappy job she has. Julia starts learning cooking french food to do something other than her job she had back in China. Hello, I do the same!

The mortal and pastel. The one they wanted, you should see the beauty.I started hunting to get the very similar smaller version of what is shown in the movie a few months back.The heavy base- made of marble stone.

The way our husbands manage with the experiments (My husband is the warrior I must say!). Not to forget how three of the husbands support their respective wives.

Julie knew she has found parallel projections from Julia's life to her life. Now, I have got the third parallel projection straight into my life! (Google - Projection lines - What do you expect from a Mechanical Engineer?)

I was surprised when I did not feel weird at the scenes showing cooking of different animals - birds which was highly expected due to my vegetarianism. I know the love of food and I respect their love for food. Their love for cooking.

Some movies make you feel you are the character inside. Some movies you feel, narrates nearly your story only Some movies are made for the happier environment but makes you cry. Some movies make you realize how lucky you are to have your husbands, parents, friends and relatives. Some movies make you go one step closer to introspect what you actually love.

'Julie and Julia' fulfills every thing I mentioned.

Mr.ISB, I am waiting for you to come back so we can see the movie together!


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