April 6, 2015

The Gang!!

So as I told you in the last post we are Five. Five warriors of the same clan cubicle Of course, being in the same cubicle and to fight for it every day is our habit as our office as Collaborative Working Space concept, which lets you sit any where you want to.

Before I actually write stories, wait. I need to introduce them to all of you. We would start with the oldest member. (!Sorry, Daya!)

1. Daya - The artist in Adlabs Imagica had called her the sister of Sunny Deo because of her broad build, superb height and post delivery weight to some extent. Dare you say, she is a young mother so must be an old school girl. She is faster than me and you in abusing where needed!! She is one of my super close friends.

2. Suleman Behen /Dr. Salunkhe - The nomenclature is quite weird as he bawls like this cricket player - whoever he is. Atleast that is the only explanation we have been given to. He acts like the forensic doctor from the comic serial cum thriller CID. Investigating documents by almost shooting laser guns from his eyes while staring the screen of the laptop.

3.Nano/Wicket Keeper/ DCP Chitrole - This man is the victim of all our pranks. Five minutes we are free and we focus on discussing which of his legs should we pull this time. He looks like DCP from CID, Still 'Nano' in the looks and of course thanks to his faith he has a got a boss to 'Keep'.

4. Johnaa - That is what one of our senior team member calls him for some reason, not too close to his real name. Talk about the name - after spending 27 years on this earth his relatives still argue on the correct pronunciation of his name. Of course he takes things in high spirits. This many-named-person is my perfect partner in crime. Be it taking my side on bets or beating around the bush in the heated discussions inside the group just to make things lighter. He lives on chicken but gets irritated if some one tries to kill even an insects. All street dogs around my now old office and his home know him and get an account at the Tapari wala for some cookies for them every day.

5. Yours truly/ Fedricks - Of course I want to tell you guys, it has nothing to do with the IQ level of this charterer called Fedricks. It is my ability to throw sad and poor jokes all around. I do not want to be a narcissist and praise myself but hey, these guys really love me. Many many cute gifts in the farewell with really sentimentally funny dialogues are proofs.

We the gang of five are Chai Buddies. Our adda is Chai Tapari apart from our own cubicle - rather we have managed in such a fashion that no one else can work from there. We play pranks on the lunch table where the victim would be 'The Wicket Keeper.' We laugh out our lungs and we sprinkle fun all over.

Dont you think we are awesome? I have left this job which had only one positive thing - my gang, but I am still the part and I do not feel the distance thanks to 'Whatsapp'.


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