April 29, 2015

C for Chatting!!!

Because my Kaki  (Yeah all the way from US of A) gave me the idea!! :)

From where do I start! It is indeed my favorite hobby. I can not, CAN NOT keep quiet for a long period of time. Ah, may be even a little shorter period of time. It is therapeutic for me, not sure about people around me! :D

When I  keep mum for around 15-20 minutes either I would be sleeping or I would be reading or may be worst, some body would have shut my mouth using the ugly brown tape. (No, even when the doctor plucked my only wisdom tooth I could speak albeit with some pain.) I have seen many of my close friends winning the bet against some courageous friends who could bet on Bubblegum keeping quiet for 15-20 minutes flat. Of course, these bets happened without notifying  me.

....And so if I do not open my mouth for 15 minutes and none of the above options are applicable , there is seriously something wrong. I am serious!

I thought today I would describe this trait of mine. I have to speak to keep my mind clean. Yeah, my mind is like a mass production factory outlet. If I dont push thoughts out of my outlet, inventory would be too costly for me. So inventory of thoughts make me sick. My head starts churning its own compartments and it creates horrible migraine. If you are still reading let me tell you, it is a true story! Rather a fact!

I am very comfortable with chatting. So many of my favorite people are, most of the time. So is Mr.ISB and my Mumbai family now. Of course my parents have suffered this non-stop chatting habit for the longest period of time but they accept the fact that they miss it 23 hours a day now. Yeah, I talk to my family for an hour every day.


So many of my friends feel bad when it comes to Mr.ISB's super silent nature! Some days back..

I was tired after waiting for an hour for a cab, from office to reach home, in Mumbai. I was getting numb due to back to back traveling as well. And.... I got a call from Mr.ISB.

Mr.ISB: Hello, Whats up?
Me: Hi. Fine.
(Sensed some unusual waves hovering around)
Mr.ISB : You have not reached home, is it?
Me: Yes.
Mr.ISB: Talk something!!
(Nobody says such things to me! I meant I never give such a chance to any one!)
Me : I dont have a topic!!
Mr.ISB: Come on that is your job. It is not in my profile!!!!! Call when you have topics to talk about!

I was furious but kept things to myself. I reached home. Had my dinner and with all kind - lively people around me I was at peace. I started 'chatting' with the sister (In law), I was back to where I should be.I dialed to talk to Mr.ISB for some random discussions we all wanted to do with him, forgetting about the whole 'Profile and Topic' conflict.

Mr. ISB: So.... You got the topic.. (With so much happiness in the tone)

I was..


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