April 29, 2015

B for Books!

It has to be 'Books'!

Books create the world where live different roles, one at a time , with the flow of the story. We live thousands life in one life as some wise person has said. Books are the world where you get thrilled, you cry, you plan, you think and you smile. The mind dives into the virtual world of witches or tribes, stone era or even the era which has not yet arrived.

Books which sprinkle its own smell on me, after kindle, has create the feel of black and white era of its own in my mind. The kind of speed I have picked due to the portability is amazing. I have many books in my tiny purse and I cling on to it.

Books are the way to dig into our mind for more meaningful life. Books are the key to generate that flow which make us believe into the the subconscious world. Books make us detached from the present for a while and you travel across eras and may be , galaxies.

Books are like those scholarships, you get empowered. They are investments. They are best gifts parents can give to kids and kids can give to parents.

Books can be friends and family too. Books can be attachments and achievements too.

Books can inspire too and adopt you too.

How do you feel about Books? 

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