June 7, 2012

(Protein)Bar Bar dekho!

Like I said, my multiple health silly problems always make my mom and dad creative! :D

My dad is a passionate cook! He doesn't cook everyday, he hates making normal boring food. He cooks dishes you wouldn't have heard before, if heard you wouldn't dare to taste. My poor mom and bro whose taste is totally different always have to praise his adventurous cooking acts.

When it comes to healthy food, my dad is a champ. So this time he decided I should go for some awesome wholesome food. Now he is a dearest person in the world who thinks I am not at all on plum-fatty side :D Though I fought with him and me,mom and dad decided on a recipe to make the protein bar-sugar less, as most of the protein powders and bars have sugar in it. I call the dish-Desi chikki protein bar! :D

PS: My mom dad both have blood sugar problem and still dad wants sugar all the time! :/

Bubblegum and dad made those bars under the guidance of mom. The recipe is a jugad recipe so, you can also make some changes logically, according to your taste.

6 Tablespoons Peanut butter
4 Tablespoons Honey (You can add more if you feel)
2 Tablespoons cocoa powder (Optional)
3 cups Mueslie Bagrry-No sugar added
2 cups oats (Depends on your taste)
3 Tablespoons crushed almonds or other crushed dry fruits
Whey Protein powder or 2 table spoon curd.

Now let us start. Take a pan, pour honey and peanut butter. Mix them well with a wooden spatula till you get running consistency. Keep the flame low for the whole cooking session.

Once you achieve proper running consistency of the liquid mix, add all other above mentioned raw material (Yeah I am working in an OEM!) in the pan and mix well with the spatula.

If you are going to add curd in place of whey protein powder, add after other raw materials. As the why protein powder contains sugar and not easily available in India, Papa decided to add curd. Now it is an optional thing, as he wanted to make bars rich in protein we dint skip. He told us, curd is the best natural whey protein.

Once you get the thick mixture, keep stirring it for a minute on the same low flame.

Take the pan off the stove. Now take a bake dish or a normal Indian thali, make a think film of butter or oil and dab the mixture into the dish. The mixture will be wet solid so you have to give pressure to fill it in the dish.

Let the mixture cool down for half and hour.

And now cut small bars with a knife and take out those awesome protein bars!! :)
(The way we cut, shakkarpara or chikki in India)

Here is a photo taken by yours truly, when Papa was cutting the cake Protein Bars.

Ah, Mom and my bro loved these bars for a change ;) I take the whole credit though.

One should not preserve them in the refrigerators, rather keep them in a jar outside at normal temperature.
One bar will be sufficient for one time hunger pack! These are great as after or before workout sessions snakcs, after shopping snacks. One can take as a meal also, may be in breakfast.

So, Bar bar dekho mat .. Hog!!! :)


  1. Bubblegum,

    I would love to taste it when you make it next.

    Take care

    PS : Where did my comment vanish in previous post?

    1. Sure!! And I dint get the comment?? Which comment?On cocktail,Home??

    2. Bubblegum,

      Yes, on that post. I wished you speedy recovery and to take care of yourself. Hope all is fine now.

      Take care