June 14, 2012

A link to dreams!

The girl suddenly opened her eyes. She realized she was asleep reading a book. A book given by her one of the best buddies. Her mobile was lying just near her pillow and the 'Beep' sound had done the act of waking up Ms. sleepy.

She opened the mail-inbox which was showing some new unread mails. She noticed a mail from a new id, her heart beats were racing high.

She opened a formal mail, read and took a deep breathe, she thought may be she can just open the link. A link which was actually linked to her dreams,future, passion and ambitions.

The click on the link & she typed the password,logged in. A blink of an eye and she was almost at the gate of her dreams.

She could not believe, she was about to jump with the joy and she got confused, is it a dream?

She opened the address book of her mobile and dialed to call her best buddy, who was too sleepy and still picked her call. She described what she saw online and the sleepy voice said "Awesome, I knew it".

She thought, the 'Dream' has really become a fact and subconsciously she called up her dad.

By the time she had goosebumps, she told her father about the mail.

"Admission offered" were those two words, she was waiting for, since months.

She talked with her parents, who were so proud of her as always. She dialed her bro-buddy and the Ms.MBA aka GLG-1 and was thrilled to no end.She decided to call all her buddies who prayed and supported her in the tough times.

Yeah, the girl got an admission where she wanted to. She is on the way to get the 'Master of Science" in a prestigious university in Singapore.

The girls felt touched, thrilled and emotional, all together.

The girls is Bubblegum.


PS: That is why this happened and an upcoming roller coaster rides to be witnessed by the blog!


  1. Bubblegum,

    Would you believe it before reaching end of the post I was thinking of asking was she you. Do share more of your journey.

    Take care

  2. Good.. You followed your passion and chased your dream.. Go rock Singapore.. !!

  3. first time here. Awesome! :) congies on all that Bubblegum.

    and did you say s'pore!? I am in s'pore too. just can't help feeling excited whenever I read a post by a blogger residing in S'pore ! :)

    1. Thank you Kismitoffebar!! :) Yeah it is S'pore!

  4. Congratulations !! I have experienced this before so I can share the feeling :)
    Good Luck !!