June 19, 2012

The Scan!

Note: The draft was written a few days  back, I don't know why I dint post it. I think I am still in the same condition but with a little bit of positive attitude .As whatever happens, happens for good!I am leaving for good!Read at your own risk!

The cup of coffee is on the desk, I am quietly looking on the screen of the laptop in the hope somebody will ping me and ask me how I am. I know some bodies will ping me first, once they will be free. I try to pick the cup of coffee and find there is no coffee left. I put it back and then something happens and I throw it in the dust bin just kept under my desk. I remember my cubicle partner who left the company hates to keep cups of coffee on the desk.I don't like those empty cups on the desk  now.

Just beside the desk, I am seeing a box- full of parts of different projects which I have developed.I can smell them.Ah, I got the ping from my Nashik lazy buddy SB, and he is happy about the change in menu in the canteen today. Food, the last thing to miss about the office. But as we say, a super nice human being when becomes a boss, the subordinate dislikes him/her, same goes for food. A normal human being will dislike the canteen food, even though some dishes from canteen are too tasty to miss. I remember those packets of peanuts we keep on desk after lunch and much while doing work. 

I am looking beside my laptop screen now. I can see the Blue bottle of Cubicle partner Z (Its a show piece now!) and my mug -now full of pens which don't work! The biggest show is begged by my softboard and little craft-papers painted by me, A lottery ticket-which let me down and I never won!,two smileys by my seniors, extension numbers-sheet placed on the board and a calendar.

I have a name plate on my desk which never had my name, I removed my name from it long ago.People used to find me and bug me-You see the people whom I deal with! I know its bad but did it make difference? No. I am easily traceable. Where ever you can find a group of people or high pitch volumes clashing with each other-I am there.

Ah, and I got some official mails, but what to reply.I need to discuss with my boss. Or may be I am not sure I want to decide or not. I can see a college of mine, sitting behind my desk.She is blushing and typing a text message may be.

I look beside my cubicle. I can see a group of people-My 'Chhavani' I call. The 'Milan' of 3 cubicles beside mine. It includes my generation people-by mind. They are the source of constant inspiration-to have fun in work life! I am smiling , see!

I am not able to digest, this is going to be for only a few days. I will never be able to come to this desk and feel the same afterwards. Ah, My bro buddy pinged me on whatsapp. I think he has some sort of sensors-whenever Bubblegum-his sister is lost, he comes to know and pings me. Same goes for Shana-my another best buddy.He can sense the temperature of my mind with other parameters of the tiny craft by god-My brain.

I am avoiding to answer  today. I am constantly looking at the screen of the mobile now.

Ah, I think I should have another cup of coffee now. But it is bad if taken too much.No.

Today, I need it but. I am going to take another cup of coffee now and drink there only. 

To avoid the feeling of leaving this cocoon.

I guess I should save this and post it on my blog someday, albeit if I feel.

Does it look like a scan report of my mind, right now?


  1. It's not scanned report of your mind but your heart..Source of emotions and innocence.. !!

  2. Bubblegum,

    And may I ask, who did the work? LOL. The saying that mind goes faster than anything including light is absolutely right, isn't it?

    Take care