June 10, 2012

The Rain of Luck!

Today's Morning was unusual. I peeped outside the large but good for nothing window of my room.My window doesn't let me feel its existence until peep out really. The breeze, humidity I felt was awesome and the moment I smell a little bit of wet sand (I feel, My home town has awesome and terrific mitti ki khushboo, Mumbai is more on concrete side, a little bit more.), it started raining. The very favorite slow, rhythmic rain-Yeah you can call it romantic!

I immediately thought of going out.  I wanted to feel the rain but of course with an umbrella to help mom not to take tension about my health. I thought of enjoying with all my buddies and family.

My bro-buddy was asking me to come home as he has come again! The blast had started already!
Shana was with me, pulling my leg and diving high in the air!
Mummy was a bit worried and was asking me to take medicines properly, I asked her to enjoy the moment!
My race freak and buddy SB was a bit busy, rushing to office.
My GLG-1 friend was busy in exam preparation and asking bro-buddy to make a plan to roam around today.
My Frock buddy N was planning and predicting with whom I should go out with.
My bro-buddy-2 was showing off his new suit on Facebook. :D
My papa was busy in the preparation of his next biz trip.
My younger bro was asking me to talk to my Identical Cousin, she is in USA as of now.He was singing too!
My senior VP was asking me to talk to him before taking the XYZ decision.
My CPZ senior was discussing about how he misses office.
My childhood school friend Mr. consolidation (Really your name!)was seeing me going nuts!
PS was discussing about Breakfast and other topics we always discuss.

I think I dint miss any of my buddy or family members-I had all of them with me.

I had my mobile with me with their recordings and messages .

They make my world, every time I want to feel at ease. Every time.

I am feeling lucky!

 Ah, its the rain of Luck!


  1. Thanks for tagging !!! :D

    liked d term u used to describe me !!! :P

  2. Bubblegum,

    Awwww, I thought all of them were with you in person. May that also happen some time.

    Take care