June 17, 2012

The Weekand-A lot to tell!

Ah, I dint spell the title wrong. It was indeed a 'Wee'kand'!'! Bubblegum dint do a mess this weekend?Then something is wrong. My bro buddy feels odd and tells me if I dint come up with a Kand to tell, "Yeh tufan ke pehle ka sannatta hai, tu kuch bada karnewali hai!" and here is Shane, who calls up the moment I ping him and say "Again a Kand!" with all enthusiasm, :/

Well, guys I dint let you down. I had a blast on this 'weekand'!!! :D

So, Lets start from the first 'Popat' of the weekend. After a good night's- not so tight sleep, My maid decided to do the good start of the weekand. Nah, She dint do anything, she had decided to quiet! (Mom I can understand you now!) Now, a bachelors' room, one can imagine, it takes an age to clean it! So I decided to be a good girl of the day and wash the gallery too with all rooms of our place.

I applied the liquid shop on the floor all over with a small bucket of water. And, here came the 'Popat', for the first time in my life, the society water tank showed 'No water' level and I was left with only soap on the floor and no water. Phew. I tried to look at the positive point, "I dint started cleaning the rooms" and was happy!

Now, the second 'Kand' was in making when I was whatspping with my buddy SB, Obviously we were talking on a topic which even I dont remember but I was sad. (The credit goes to all my buddies who are not in Mumbai and thus I am left alone! Shane & Bro buddy are you listening to me?!!) So, I was talking to SB about the dukh ka boza on my delicate shoulders and decided to have a cup of coffe (Ooops, I started the coffee thanks to My frock buddy N and constant pestering by my dearest Papa) in CCD, alone.

I started walking down the lane to the cafe with an umbrella in my hand and whatsapp in another hand. It was beautiful and energizing. All energy got sucked when I realized, 1.I had forgotten my wallet, so I have to go back to the room or else I wont be able to pay. 2. My key of the flat was in the wallet and so now I cant enter my flat. Sheesh. By god's grace and my owner's laziness and misunderstanding, I got an extra key from my neighbor and thus one more kand of the day was over. I thought it was last! But No!

At 12 in the night, Bubblegum was working on her laptop apart from chatting and she messaged her childhood friend Mr.Consolidation (Real Meaning man!) in USA to call her up. Now once the phone rang, I thought of switching on the lamp near the small passage and walk-while-I talk. Phewww arey, yeah the lamp got short (I don't know why, a theory and history says, I am electronically charged-A shocking material?) and with that the electricity of the whole flat was lost. In five minutes I was sweating and searching for the MCB board of the flat.My buddy on call tried to guide me from USA! :D

I found one MCB board just above the basin and with all the possible insulators I can find in my room in the dark (Like comb, slipper, compass box) I tried to place the stick of MCB (Or whatever you call!) and I did it but the electricity dint come back! It was a dummy old board. Sheesh.

I decided to go down and ask the watchman to help,who was relaxing on his chair. He told me he has the key of the meter room where all the MCB boards of the colonie are there and I have to find the one on my own. Well, I entered with the mobile 'On' and I was shocked to see all the MCB boards of the colonie but not mine! Some of the boards were not labelled at all. Finally running the logic in my mind, I searched for the one tripped and found only one from the hundreds of all. Worked out and finally could breathe in the air of my room with the fan on! Of course I had to tell these things to my buddies (Again, you, Shane and Bro-buddy, you were not availabe!), and thanks to migration of PS and Mr.Consolidate to USA, I could throw my frustration by talking nonstop. Of course, PS was amused with my capacity to talk continuously like any other day. Sheesh.

Do you think it was the end of the Weekand??? Nah!! The sunday had to be a special day na. To remove the 'What the crap!' feeling out from my mind, and with the constant motivation by SB, I decided to format my laptop. Like my mom says, it used to be my hobby when I was using XP on my pc. Now with a new laptop two years back with windows 7, I never had to format till it said no to install Itunes again some months back. So, to give life to my ipod I was forced to format-The nostalgic feeling. This time I was pretty sure, with the original DVD and Windows 7,things will be smoother. I dont want to again go for technical things to  harass you (If at all you are stiil reading!) but the theory dint work. I formatted and reinstalled the OS, with SB on call.

Only thing dint work was, it dint had graphics,ethernet and Wifi drivers. In simple language I couldnt connect my laptop to internet even by LAN cable, forget Wi-fi and ofcourse with a stone age-Fonts look! I couldnt resist and in the beautiful rain-with a pendrive,umbrella and the wallet (not to forget) I went all the way to cyber cafe-Registered, downloaded all drivers and came back. Again, ethernet driver worked-other drivers dint. Some how the nerdy-geeky-me managed and thus the second last kand of the week was over-5 hours duration-not bad!

Now, I had already messed up with my looks by stepping in mud-puddles and ofcourse the only umbrella never works in Mumbai rains! I decided to take bath-Hmmm and so the weekand finished with the first 'Popat' reappearing. There was no water in the tank! Again some hours of wait.

Mom I am sorry , I couldnt bath again and so created the mess again in the house( She will be happy to think- I am in Mumbai and not at home!).I am happy to tell you I cleaned all things again in the night when taps of my flat again poured water , felt like Ganges flowing from mountains haaa! :D (Exaggeration I know!)

Now let me tell you, at 11 In the night, I realized the last and one more Kand of the weekand! :D

My water purifier has stopped working now. Damn.

Wish the 'Weekand' is over!

I never felt so good in the Monday-Mornings. Really.


  1. OMG!!! You had such an eventful weekend :)
    And you planned to wash the home with liquid soap, i need to fall at your feet...
    It was definitely logical thing to see for the tripped MCB, good thinking :)

    1. :D :D I hope I dont get one more dose of Weekand, but then it is unavoidable for me :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    You really lead a fantastic fun filled life. I think Karan Johar can be approached to make a movie with you in lead.

    Take care

    1. He will also witness weekands then :D