June 20, 2012

Bubblegum's baby turns one!

Ah, na na I have not become a kunwari mata!!! (Hold on you buddies who are ready to shoot ghise pite dialouges, "Kahan mooh kala karke aai, kalmui" or "Tumne humein kahinka nahi chhoda!!"!Hold!)

Bubblegum will explain! It is her baby's birthday. The baby-crafted by her, painted with emotions by her, the witness of her life, witness of the change of personality she went through. Ah, she is so grateful to her own baby-who made her what She is. Her baby gave her all the time to introspect, get a conclusion or the solution.Basically she spent some time almost everyday with her baby and so she came to know about her inner self too and with the same pure soul she nurtured the baby.

Her baby is so smart and cute that she only led Bubblegum to a world, where Bubblegum expressed all her feelings. Baby makes her feel home. Baby and Bubblegum love being together.

Bubblegum is so much addicted being with her baby everyday that if she misses even a day, Bubblegum's buddy feel 'something must be wrong'!

It is baby's first birthday-The first birthday of Bubblegum's blog!!!!! Love you Baby! (Stop grinning, Shane)

*Taking a breath*

Coming out of the dramatic mode:

A one year journey and so many changes in me, my personality, my skills. My blog has become a medium to radiate what my soul has stored for so many years. The habit has given a boost to the 'Being matured process' in me and simultaneously it helped me to revive 'the child' in me when needed!.My blog has motivated me to indulge in fun,calmness and it teaches me to enjoy every time,even whenI write a sad post too! My photography improved a little bit, my creativity improved too.My language and of course, the angle of seeing  life.

Whenever I feel something, I see something, I talk something, I read or hear something, I think if that 'Something' is' bloggable' or not!It is a different world when you start looking things from this point of view. Generally it leads me to find the the smallest 'Happiness' in my day and make a bigger deal of it.From this idiotic post (Even this) to today's post, I am feeling grown up.

A few months ago,I was in  a meeting, after chatting on "What kind of a guy I want" with Shane, I suddenly realized something and pinged him on whatsapp straight from the meeting.

I types, "Ah, The guy should accept me with my baby!!"

He replied, "?????" and then I disclosed my relation with my blog, It is my baby!

Ah, I Wrote some insane blog-posts, some introspective blog posts and some stupid nonsense blogposts too. The blog is to me, I am to my blog.

The man who started the spark in my mind-Thank you.He is my dear Bro-buddy ,who motivated me so much to start a blog. Heere ki parakh!!Then Shane, who actually keeps me get going with life-Motivates me to do 'All good things' I want to do, and sometimes for bad things also. He is the person who comments almost on all my post either on the blog or in any other way. I just love those comments. My frock buddy N, who silently reads my blog posts and face to face comments when we meet. (Frock buddies are taken for granted here in our lives!) My lazy buddy SB, whose regular conversations also motivates me. PS thinks, I am crazy and I think he thinks this for each post of mine. :D My senior, (Priyal Shah) has 'dedicated a few minutes from his super busy schedule to read my blog'! Dude I am flattered!! :D 

There are so many commentators, who keeps on commenting, encouraging me, making me think more and enjoy more. All these bloggers or commentators inspire me to no bits. There are some silent inspirations too-Bloggers whose blogs are so awesome that I read them like a bible-Geeta-Quran .(A separate post on this some day!) 

I owe my baby-my life and my-soul to you all.

With this (Before my baby feels neglected)

"Happpppy birth day Bubblegum's Baby!!!!"

Titbitsandclicks!!! :)


  1. Ah !
    Amazoholic ! How obedient your love is towards ur baby...!!! Before 1 year a new OBJECT was born,happy b'day to the person who was also born through that OBJECT !!! U rock !!

  2. Wishing a very very happy birthday to bubbly Bubblegum's baccha.

    Wait..I'll call your baby Bubbly...okie-dokie ;)

    P.S I love your bubbliness to the hilt...because am too serious in life to enjoy carefree and spirited joy like you..

    -your silent reader, Visha

    1. Hahahah :) Thanks a lot Visha!!! :) I am also a silent (a little bit loud though!)reader! :)

  3. you got my comment? where has it disappeared :/

  4. Bubblegum,

    Congratulations. You started in your usual attention catching style and then came out with such an emotional write up. I hope we see you for many many more years to come.

    Take care

    1. Thank you so much Uncle!! And I hope to see you everytime I post! :)

  5.'s awesome achievement..!!

    I must say your posts are damn regular..every morning I opened my inbox, I find your blog present in the "dedicated" folder, I made for it..

    I have been writing blogs for last 4 years but at a frequency of one blog per six months.. I feel now I must increase my frequency after reading this post..

    Keep it up.. Kareena !!

  6. Happy birthday to your one-year-old-turned-matured BABY!!!
    And Congrats to Bubblegum-The Mom!! :D
    Keep writing..... :)

  7. A Very Very Happy Birthday, Bubble Bachchi !!!

    1. Thank you so much uncle!! :) :)

  8. A Very Very Happy Birthday, Bubble Bachchi !!!

  9. Hey congratulations :)
    hope your baby achieve many many milestones:)

  10. Congratulations on completing the first year ! Wish you many more ahead :)