June 4, 2012

Cocktail,at home!

I know, a few of my buddies will stare at the post and might abuse me for going 'underground' at home. (No, I am not living in the room, under ground room of  'Private Drive' like Mr.Harry Potter!, bad joke!)

Some friends and bro-buddies were surprised, worried and shocked when I couldn't connect with many of them due to several reasons at home. I couldn't keep my Mumbai phone on,I am most of the time sleeping at home, down with cold, fever, back pain and some amazing silly health problems. Now dudes, not to worry as I am totally fine and the weather changes are held responsible for the same. Okay, I have been blamed too! I guess all around me, are freaked out out due to my lunatic behavior induced by headache and cold. I decided to give them a break, and blog so for some time so I wont be in their way to daily chores for some time. :D

I decided to blog today, whatever I can, without thinking, when my best buddy mailed me, he misses my blog-posts (Flattered!). A few of my childhood buddies also dropped me an sms,if I was fine as I was out of reach and was not blogging! They also threaten me to kill me the 'Kahani' way. (Okay, I am exaggerating!) I thought I can blog about my vacation at home a bit and get rid of all those comments! 

I thought of blogging out some incidents and then re-thinking happened.I decided to blog a 'Cocktail'! I know you may feel I am 'an alcohol' person,No I am not. When I am normal, I am high.That is the common belief about Bubblegum in the whole world, so I named it a 'Cock tail' post. The 'Contrast' of CT scan and cough syrups I drink since childhood are the only alcoholic drinks I take. Sheesh!

So, here I make the cocktail of my thoughts at home!!!! (I know the introduction of the post was as long as the post itself! I cant wait to just flush out my feelings at once! You may get bored and stop reading now!)

  • The moment I got down the train I felt, back at home. Okay, its my home town. There was something weird this time. I was curious, I was amazed at the change in my city.Today, it is developing at an exponential rate and I am not able to digest. Don't know why?! My parents like rest of the city folks are happy. In fact, it has been ranked  as 'The best place to live' by Times of India Survey. I have mixed feelings. I am relaxed because some of my buddies feel the same who are now studying or doing jobs in other cities of the world. The old charm is missing. Thanks, PS (Don't freak out at this name!) for the confirmation. I am feeling good if not lucky!
  • I was already suffering from back pain and in just a day's time I am caught by cold, headache, mouth ulcers and fever. Again a blood test and the normal conclusion-My immunity has resigned and I should stop junk food. Now my Doc.M mama has a theory.He says, in Mumbai, I don't complain or ignore the pain as I don't have home and parents, my body also understands. So when Bubblegum is at home, the body knows it is going to be pampered and so shows Nakhara. I freaked out at the theory. So when in the morning when Mom mentioned the same, I went lunatic with tears and kept mum for fifteen minutes. (Every minute counts okay!) It was over, when papa came and had to give me medicine as I had fever. After days, I felt nice to be grabbed by fever!
  • I couldn't connect with so many friends who took the pain to call me and take my appointment. Sorry dudes and babes. I will get back to each of you soon! (After this line, I wont get their calls it seems!)
  • I am still not allowed to roam around much. Apart from my walks inside home (We have a big drawing, dining room, living room and a balcony connected!) and virtual dance over rocky songs,I am not doing any work out. Sheesh. 
  • I watched 'Satyamev Jayate' on Sunday. I am a big fan of the team. I had an awesome discussion with my eldest bua and fufa who are doctors (Refer episode-4) and they accepted the malpractices in the profession. They feel bad about it too. They are above sixty and when they put their thoughts, boy, one can see the aura of experience in the talk. Ah, as usual I had a fight with Doc.M mama who felt offended a bit.The fight actually ended up with a glass of water and medicine handed over to me by him.He could see the fever running up and he was scared of the fumes coming out of my head!The mama-bhanji rishta is awesome na? Ah, I forgot to mention about the 'Honour killing' episode of Satyamev Jayate. I loved the song and I hate all those buckets of tears by me and my mom (Who watched the show for some fifteen minutes only) and of course laughter attacks my brother got seeing us crying like anything. Sheesh.
  • I went to my old home where a part of my Papa's home office is still alive. How much I hate to see my home like that. My dadi's favourite jhula, the wooden stair case, my study table and cup-boards where all my college text books are kept. The small library kind of corner is still there, struggling to breathe. My papa is planning to shift it to our new place. I guess, I will come home often then! I opened the cupboard and was feeling so good seeing all those books bought by my grand parents years and years ago, by my parents for me (My brother dint even touch them, he is a geek!)and some came as gifts. Those childhood stories,mom's thriller collection and spiritual books of my dadi, they gave me goosebumps. A big part of my childhood sleeps in the warmth of those pages. I was speechless. 
  • I had a plan of formatting my laptop in this vacation is now postponed due to unstable mind of Ms.Bubblegum. She had a thought of installing Linux also, which was labelled as 'one more sick thought' by mom. She doesn't forget that I have formatted my papa's old laptop which was given to me for my Robotics work, seventeen times. She feels bad for that laptop.
  • I am planning to visit Cross word too if allowed, as I am done with the awesome thriller 'The testament' by Sam Bourne. It helped me to take rest for hours at home. I recommend the book to all my book warm wizards and witches. I think the time has come to re-explore my old home library.
  • I went to the nearby super market on the first day of my vacation with my parents. The Star Bazar has been respected for the quality and the kind of services they give since long in the city. I was amazed to see the number of brands for each product they have. You name it and they have it. Some brands of shampoos, chocolates and other stuffs which I was not able to find in Kandivali-Borivali I could get them here. I was impressed. What made the visit memorable was a couple. A couple was just next to us in the line of billing. They were 'Koshish' couple. They were deaf and mute, the language was 'Sign language' and what impressed me was, the gesture of 'Thanks' when I helped them to move inside the big lift, smiles they had on their faces, the warmth I could feel and the love for each other without any Public display of affection. Love will show you everything. True.
  • I had a goal of the day in my mind. A goal to harass all my blog-readers with my loooooong blog-post. So if you are still reading I really thank you from the bottom of my heart which is placed just beside my cough filled lungs. Uhooo uhooo. (Ah, Did I mention, I watched 'Hum apake hai kaun'?)
Whats up with you guys and girls?? (I still feel some of you are still reading my post!!)


  1. Tabiyat naram pan blog garam... good....jaldi saji tha.. tips levani che tari jode visa mate.. :)

  2. you need to get well soon bubblegum. thanks for the mention though :)

  3. Ha ha. Yes. I am fond of reading and ended up reading the *entire* post... even the "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun Bit". :D

    Take care and get well soon! :)

    1. Hahahahahha so people like to get bugged up by Bubblegum! No option it seems! Btw long time no see? :D

    2. Yep. Work has been crazy.. but then, what's new? :)