June 13, 2012

Nostalgia and Fun in Nashik!

Disclaimer: A scattered and silly post ahead, read at your own risk!

So finally I had my last trip to Nashik. Yeah why, needs a different blog-post altogether!

I had joined my first ever and current company in Nashik, we had an amazing induction program for hundreds of GETs and one of them was obviously Bubblegum. Nashik has witnessed the change in me and so my friends have-who are still in Nashik.

The chirpy, stupid, emotional, hyperactive, immature Bubblegum to Equally chirpy, stupid, hyperactive and little less emotional and immature Bubblegum-Ah, the journey was brilliant. Ifs and buts can be discussed with whats and hows in a different post. I wanted to dedicate a blog-post to my last visit to Nashik in my job-tenure.

The company bus journey, the actual bumpy ride-I was asleep the same way I always do, this time too. I felt a little bit emotional about the whole journey. Only a little bit.

I have some amazing bunch of friends there. I owe my insane Nashik trips to them. I generally travel all the way to Nashik to attend a meeting-ah, Goosebumps, how other departments hate us-the teen tigade, sab kuch bigade kinds of. :) Three of us actually spoil the serious atmosphere of the meeting.

I will never forget those laughter attacks, geeky discussions with my geek buddy SB, chats with one of the most caring juniors I have,Leg pulling sessions with our own 'Qureshi'! A senior girl from Nashik who from the very first day guided me and made me learn the practical ways to handle corporate seniors and how to actually care for friends with so much of emotions. Ms. RM, I owe my Nashik tenure to you too, always! You actually made my dream come true-Ah, of wearing a saree and a nath in your marriage!

The last trip was same, but with one agenda in my mind-meeting all all and all people I have worked with. All of them have been so much encouraging! Of course those fantastic four buddies had planned a bash!

We had some stupid talks in CCD and clicked some amazing emotions of all of us. I don't remember a single sane topic we discussed! The trip needs to be labelled 'a complete stupid fun' and I am sure we all need one for a change!! :) How can I forget the cute gift and the those amazing messages on the farewell card. I loved those silly dance steps we did (Ah, I did!?) and stupid laughs over any damn topic! Fun Fun all the way.

In late night chats, I suddenly realized from those hundred people who joined the company with me, these three batch mates- who actually supported me during thick and thin are my life in Nashik and this amazingly beautiful city in Monsoon will appear so so dull without them! I realized the amount of trust we have put in each other. I realized how my juniors adores me. Hey SZ, I am really glad we could meet on your last day!

I realized suddenly, I wont be able to feel too much emotional and cry like I did in past when got a transfer in Mumbai.

Because, I have realized we are friends forever!

Thanks Nashik for all the love from those amazing buddies and for all the lessons you made me learnt!

PS: Guys and girls of Nashik, Dont even think you have got rid of me. Remember those three words, you always tell me, "Tu hi hai" :D

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  1. Bubblegum,

    May you always have such fond memories.

    Take care