June 24, 2012

Time to shoot!

Here is the time to shoot bullets again. Stop, don't rush, I am just shooting bullets on my blog. I don't have anything concrete to write but today, I am going to blog just to clear the clutter from my mind. I don't need a conclusion or a solution. I need space, space where I can feel and breathe the way I want, alone.Now don't stare, I cant be so serious.It can be funny too!

  • Counting my days in Mumbai. Calls for a different blog-post what I am feeling. I think I can not express at all. Some cities steal your heart away. I cant stay without my heart, someday I will be back,Mumbai. Amen.
  • Buddies. Life is incomplete without them. I am just so bloody emotional. Even a thought of frenetically calling up my buddies from S'pore to just listen to them, kills me to death. I shall handle. :/
  • Shopping. It has become a biggest threat of my life. My mom-dad are on the trip to US of A. But, it does not solve the situation. My mom uses skype and whatsapp as mediums to give me reminders what all I have to shop on my own, Forced shopping. :/
  • My weekend was good, it was all fun. Shopping,movie,lunch,coffee,cheesecake! Ah, I can not forget to mention Shane's mobile! The mobile decided to disappear on its own and he (forced?)P bought the new phone,My personal favourite "Xperia U"! The Sunday was special to. My bro buddy, one of my gang members-old buddy, Cubicle partner Z, we all met outside office and that too in town! Had a great time together, includes awesome fresh lime sodas, tasty dinner and Saumf. Sheesh. We, while chatting, almost finished the 'Mukhvas' on the table. 
  • Today, I had my last presentation in my office. Mixed feelings, I controlled pretty well. 
  • I have to pack my stuff, which needs a big bag and the bag is still in the shop. Any one help? :D
  • I am really pissed of with some of the back stabbers I met in this company. Every time I see any of them, I feel as if some lizards are crawling on my body. I am serious.
  • I really need to wear the ipod and jog!!!!
  • I feel horrible when I realize I am going to be salary less and my buying power will be just like our 'Rupee'! I can hear the song from several pretty things in the shop - "Mujhe kya bechega rupaiya"!
  • I desperately need an i-phone. Very specific. I know. :D Any one?
  • I practiced making 'Anagrams'! It was fun I tell you. Funny Anagrams can make you laugh for hours!
  • I am blogging because I really want that 'medium' to talk out what is going on inside me. Yet I am failing. 
  • For the first time in my life, I want to freeze the time. 


  1. Bubblegum,

    Hope all clutter got cleared up. Wish you best of luck for first one. Thank God this week end did not have any chaos. Get used to back stabbers as you will meet them at every walk of life. Why salary less? Please do not use iPod while jogging, as you won't even come to know that someone has got close enough to kidnap you. LOL.

    Take care

    1. Hahahaha!!! I am going for higher studies , so salary less for a while! :P