September 7, 2012

The marriage & The quarter life crisis!

There was a time when I used to have billion ideas to blog, now, I have but I don't blog. May be I have become choosy , I have become a bit conscious about the whole thing. Any way I decided to blog about some of my inner thoughts, Hope it doesn't turn up a 'Loud speaker- rebellion' post.The marriage and the already affecting quarter life crisis. Well for me the later one is the result of the first one. Sheesh.Serious.

I feel, at the age of 24, I am already suffering the quarter age crisis! No fun. Hundred relatives worrying about, 'Where will you get settled' and then a shocking question comes up., 'When?'! I don't blame them, my mom would have become one such relative for other girls elder to me some years ago! :D I am really really amazed at this match making hobby of aunties. Do these people take responsibilities if the marriage turns out to be an emotionally-sucking experience? My mom says, it never happens. I agree but is it true for today's world?

There was a time when all aunties around me including my mom used to ask me, do you like some one? Beta, tell us frankly. When I used to say, No, they used to feel proud- for no reasons!! Now they take it for granted that at the age of 24, there are no possibilities left for me to fall in love. Even if most of my friends feel I am smart enough to judge a guy, in fact my father thinks the same, my mom feels, I am still the small-little-innocent girl-which I was never. Any guy could have trapped me in the maya-jal!

I see many of my friends who are elder to me, struggling to find a match. Either they don't suit each other, or they don't like each other. Aunties take interest in families, but do they think if the frequency is matching or not for the guy and the girl, who are suppose to get married to each other? Well in my family, it is allowed to meet, chat and call a lot  before taking the decision. The first question comes into the mind is, do you behave naturally when you arrange such meetings or calls? I cant. I am afraid I would appear too simple and shy, or a total contrast- a cyclone- the guy might run away!

There is one more thing- I feel is correct regarding arranged marriage. Once you decide, once you know with whom you are going to live your whole life, you tend to find positive points in each other and then you adjust. Now that is the secret behind the arranged marriage. You know each other slowly-beauty of the relation. Though I remember one of my senior telling me, 'Even in the case of love marriages, you find new characteristics  of your partner each day!' Phew!! What am I suppose to think, what am I suppose to tell mom when she scares me with her dreams of my marriage!

For each girl, her marriage is a dream. Well not for me, any more.

The topic should be banned in family get together(S), :/

I have other topics like career, ambitions, chocolates, Mumbai and period. Panipuri.

Sounds fun at the age of 24?


  1. Yes. You start the post with quarter life crises and end with Panipuri, which is indeed the only crisis we have right now!

  2. By the by, love the way you write!! :D

  3. Bubblegum,

    Marriage is not just union of two individuals but coming together of two families also. You may know some one for years but it is only when living together 7 X 24 that you get to know the person actually. Same stands true for family of partner too. I will quote two fellow bloggers here :

    Success of marriage does not depend upon finding the right partner but on being one.

    Marriage is like flowerbed which needs to be tended everyday.

    Take care

  4. It still puzzles me that, how do you marry some one who you don't know even? In that case you artificially try to create interest for that person, instead of natural affection in the other one.

    So, find it yourself and then get it arranged :)

    1. Thank you senior for the suggestion! Same to you :D :D

    2. haha..thank you.. I told u right my parents haven't given me option for arrange marriage.. so situation is worse here :)

  5. Quarter life crisis?Isnt it also the best time of your life.???


  6. For the arranged marriage, I always felt that it's like you have been given a person to whom you should love & consider your life partner..A stereo type; where you hardly know much about that person, but have to develop knowing him/her. While in case of a love marriage, you know the person so nicely & are so comfortable to stay with. He/She is your love with whom you willingly choose to spend your entire life.

    But my sweetie...After 5 years of wedding, I have realized that yes, love marriage is certainly beautiful; but it also has got a big room of unawareness about your spouse! The real life begins after the marriage when we actually get to know the person in his/her practical life..Be it habits, mood swings, social rapport, ways of communication, expression of emotions in different situations, etc.!!

    So, an overall conclusion is it's only till the marriage there's a difference whether it is love or arranged, else, after the marriage it's pretty much the same!

    But yes, one satisfaction one can always have in a love marriage, to get married to a person to whom one has loved selflessly & to be loved by that person in return the way you are.. That's the essence of a love marriage! :)

    Don't think much about these topics..Just leave upto God..Almighty will answer our al the questions very well! & At last, I hope I din't bore you or gave you an over dosage!