September 20, 2012

From Singapore,with Love-3

I really did not get one better title, especially when I am in no mood to craft a story or a narration but just want to register my well being on the blog. Time is flying and I am tempted to capture my state of mind and some awesome moments of my life. There are some strange, painful and some awesome moments- why to wait!

  • It was just last night when I actually mentioned 'Blogging' in my to-do-list. Does that mean I am too busy? Well it means, I have spoiled my schedule in such a way that, when I want to blog- I cant focus.Some or the other university mails keep on peeping on my windows and my so called focused mind looses all the focus!!
  • The last to last post really made me relaxed, but the credit cant be given to it alone. Some of my buddies fought really hard with me, made me cry and well, my mind came back to the place! Ah, did I say the youngest of the gang-Bubblegum was pampered too, afterwards! :D
  • I had actually decided to remove my head from the rest of the body and hammer it properly so that it functions without migraine before two days. Well I guess the mind was so scared of the fantasy, it started working without headache in just two days! Though medicines make me feel crappy.
  • My one of the current roomies is leaving for India tomorrow and the fact is that none of us, including herself, are not feeling the excitement yet. May be the fact that she will not be staying with us after coming back is not being felt and she herself is not done with the packing yet!!! I am sure the empty place in the small unit is going to haunt the rest of us for a while.
  • 'Running behind free bees' is a new fashion in my University graduate students it seems. With all the bad luck I have, I was still able to get a part of chocolate my friend got, the kind friend!! Many of them also got mobile phones and jackets in some promotional events in this country!! I am happy with the bite of chocolate too!
  • The current fight of big giants- Apple and Samsung products may create the world war is what I predict. Dude really, none of you own those companies and most of you dont have all mobile phones to even pass the judgement- still you keep on blabbering and follow any of them blindly. Face book walls of most of you scare me to even have a look at them. We have some other issues too, something like 'Coal gate'!! Well I forgot, we Indians forget and forgive scandals pretty fast!
  • Time table of my finale semester exams are out and I can see myself struggling for studies after ages.I am still considering myself a little bit more lucky than those people who wanted to study further and could not. I guess I am going to use this opportunity to create a good career profile. 
  • I have stopped reading 'Barfi' reviews. The hero charms me like anything even his photograph can. Pity I am not able to watch the movie- well I keep on watching 'Jhalak dikhlaja' episode where he actually played some awesome spells to capture even my mom's heart! Well mom, like so many good heroes, don't make him your son!!Ah, by the way Happy Birthday to the most beautiful lady on this earth-Not Kareena-my Mom!
  • My frock buddy N should buy a new phone with all applications and GPRS activated in it today. As it happens to be her birthday too, I pray all my dreams about her come true. Now, you understand buddy, what do I mean :D ( Devil laugh!!!)
  • I never knew, Mumbai gang will become so dull without me! ( Complimenting myself?!) My bro buddies are really confused- one is searching a heroine for himself and creates mess every time! The other one who is eldest of the lot is still confused-which mobile to buy, in place of dating a girl!I might not get a 'Bhabhi' before they get a 'Jijaji'! :D
  • Now one more proof, Due to eating Panipuri for less numbers of times than we used to, Mr.Shane's immunity has been challenged by some viral attacks. Dude, when I will come to India, we will have three four plates daily to re-establish the whole immune system of yours, provided my usual bugging don't affect you :D
  • The next big thing coming is - hold on guys, my case study!! I meant in my whole life I have not remained in a  place for more than three hours (depends on the movie!), how am I suppose to go the library and for hours and days  read for the case study!? Ah,wait, I forgot I chose a topic which I wont get in Singaporean libraries, it will be online only. There is always an option of opening a 'New tab' for the blog-spot! 
  • Sheesh, one more post on Ranbir Kapoor on Facebook! Distractions are many but I should focus on blogging first, right? 
  • I am waiting for the weekend to come. Plans are many, there is a tie between F1 and Barfi, lets see who attracts me more! ( I can see Mr. Shane and Lazy buddy SB smiling, one for my no knowledge state in F1 and the other for my surprising curiosity for F1!).
  • Ah, by the way, 'Oye it is Friday!' Weekend is knocking knocking!! 
How have you been,all of you?? 

(I know, not a nice way to end the post!!!)

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  1. Bubblegum,

    Thanks for letting us know all is well. Please convey Many Many Happy Returns of the Day to your mother and friend N from my side.

    Take care