September 17, 2012


Yes I was. Back to back Migraine attacks and the very old but finally recovering injury- I almost felt peeled off. The home sickness actually did not gripped me, I was in a different world all together and I am sure I did not want to be home. As I always say, I am blessed with some awesome buddies and a mind which can be distracted (what if with difficulty) by Ranbir Kapoor or Barfee reviews, or as little as a friend's mail. What if the mail contains good numbers of scolding sessions!! Have you ever heard of panning in the photography, where rest of the world is in action and you are paused!!? Well I experienced the same!

The bottle of Vicks actually gave up on me and I had to live on tablets to petrify migraine attacks, I must say Bubblegum my mind fought very well. It refused to get some more defects!

The peeling off session came to an end when My mom who actually got sentimental about me, yes, Bubblegum being her 'lovely still wise' (yes yes, wise!!) daughter who gifted her some awesome books she was planning to buy as birthday gifts!!Moms, well can sooth you after irritating you a lot with her your-friend-is-getting-engaged-what-about-you talks.Yeah she got all senti-venti and yours truly was highly elated  A rude daughter too I am, mom!! 

The warm up cricket match which we failed to win and so I say, we donated to Pakistan- talking about T20 matches in the lecture! We cant miss following, do we? Well, My brand new prof is still 'new' and I am sure he was focusing more on slides and less on our speechless comments about runs-overs left.

Some quick phone calls of my buddy Shane and a big leg pulling session of my bro buddy refreshes me to no beats- always!!It will be too much if I say they are my charms? Well I guess No. I must say, my senior who felt something is really wrong with me, called me and just like my friend VA, he got some cold answers. :D

Now as I can see, the whole post is going scattered-I wish I could actually reach where the scattered words cross the boundary of hopes of all readers and thus they actually start enjoying my blabbering special blog post,but. Period.

Abstract of the case study, I am undertaking,  is taking birth tonight!! (Hopefully!)

So better not to scatter marks and just the blog post!

Better to end the post?!! :D

I know you are relieved :D


  1. Relieved to know that your migraine has gone.

  2. musings of a scattered, migrained brain!
    Scattered flow but well articulated feelings


    1. Migrained brian shoots more bullets :D

  3. That was really scattered post. Again migraine? Tc

  4. Fight & Fight!

  5. Bubblegum,

    Nice to see you back in action inspite of all the headaches or kneeaches you have. Hope to see your more often.

    Take care

  6. Awrite :) and you thought I can't figure you out with that pic! Bubblegum, we should meet in person soon. Read some posts here; love it!

    1. Yeah for sure!!! Will make plan some day! :)