September 26, 2012

A piece of heart!

I guess I did not introduce you people to my project mates. Well, an Indian girl living with her parents in Singapore since a year,we will call her Miss IS and a Chinese lady, who has spent all her life till date in Singapore and thus you will know her as Mrs. CS. Yeah she is married and she is finishing her PhD in this term!! Tada!!

So yesterday three of us were having our snacks and discussing about tax percentage, loans and salaries over here.I hope you don't expect us to talk on world peace!We are graduating students, how come we wont talk about salaries :D

We started asking about her life style, home and culture (Oh yes it includes her love story too! Girls will be girls!!) She actually knows a bit about Indian culture and suddenly,

Mrs.CS: You people are so happy and wealthy. (She has not seen those new channels and media articles in which India is demonstrated as 'Dharavi' only!) 

This was a proud and loud moment for me and Ms. IS. We both had  bigggggg smiles on our faces.
She continued, "We work so hard, we manage to get a home loan with a tiny bit of interest rate but the home wont be our own for a long period of time."

Seeing question  marks on our faces she said in Singlish, "A home is on lease for 99 years. After that government will take it back or if in between if a project comes and a government wants, it can take away the house." We were speechless. We are from the land where a 'Home' is  the last thing to sell, when it comes a financial crisis. Of course those sentiments are common all over the world.

She added, "We have certain rules too about maintaining an HDB (a flat provided by government) and not altering them according to our wishes." Well, we have a wide range of options, right from aesthetic looks to internal design of a home, don't we?

We added, "In India we get homes in inheritance! The land is the best and auspicious handover from the above generations we get!!"

The discussion made me realize the value of 'Home' for all of us!It is a proud possession! Getting our own place, decorating it, celebrating each moment of our lives in it and well, passing on it as a 'Dharohar'! I guess that is all we want, right? 

In India there are chances we get a home as a family heritage. We live in it or not, we feel attached to the home we get from our parents. If we don't get one, we try to earn and get one just like other people in the world. Such homes are actually attached to us, because the home is not only a building made up of four walls, it has our sentiments and feelings attached to it. We are going to pass it on to our next generations after all! 

It is not going to be taken away at the end of 99th year. 

It is not just a piece of land, it is a piece of heart!

PS: I guess I am going to present some super messed up posts for some days. A structural crisis going on where a sentence doesn't follow by an appropriate sentence before. 'Bhavanao ko samaj lena'! :D


  1. Absolutely true! And that is one of the reason I cannot think of raising a generation here :) Of course the other is I absolutely have to show cows on the street to my kids.

    1. Cows on the street, I guess now in cities like Mumbai you can find cows only in'Specific' areas. In Ahmedabad the same. But atleast we can see one :D Point taken!! :D

  2. Really .good post.really good analysis leading to conclusion.


  3. And cherry on the cake: that's a great title to that post.

  4. I loved the title :)

    True, having ones home taken away after a certain period of time is scary, we are blessed in a way as compared to CS

    1. Actually. There are so many things!!! I respect India more than EVER! :)

  5. Bubblegum,

    Very rightly said. And we need to appreciate our country for such benefits.

    Take care

  6. Nice one Dear!!! Cool analysis!!!

  7. Men may build houses but it is a woman who makes a home!

    What touched me in your post is the last sentence, "It is not just a piece of land; it is a piece of heart." Very well said!