September 19, 2012

Dance deprivation!

A little girl of four used to copy Madhuri Dixit or Minakshi Sheshadari in front of the television,with all the charm and grace she could produce at that time.Be it 'Tandav' or 'Chane ke khet mein'!The first song performed by her was 'Tu shayar hai, mein teri shayari' as per her mom. Obviously her mom knew she should join the classical dance group some day. She did. The little girl Bubblegum, is still not happy about not performing Arangetram even after finishing the course, almost. In fact she never realized what she was going to miss before a few years. She wanted to be a free bird at that time and even she wonders till the moment, why did she feel so.

Those were the days, back to back dance performances on the stage.I worship the stage now. The feeling of dancing, those practice sessions after school hours, today also they make me feel high. Those Navaratri days and practicing till late night, having snacks , nimbu pani and again practice. Contemporary dance to raas-garba, Bharatnatyam to lavani- I guess I never realized what 'Dance' is for me at that time.I was blessed by great teachers after all, who took interest in small matters like, making us wear  'Panetar' or 'Bandhani', applying 'alto' or 'Mehandi', Using look alike probes in group dances apart from choreography.

Now I miss the stage, the adrenaline in my blood.In fact my hands and legs start dancing even while listening to those peppy or classical songs on my way to the near by MRT station. I actually feel bad about myself. I watch really a very few serials but yeah, dance shows are something different. Specially if Madhuri Dixit is the judge, even my mom never  miss an episode and asks me to watch the best of all, on Internet.

I was feeling dull since last some days due to various reasons.I got a way to elevate my mood. I started watching those amazing dance videos. You can not believe, one of my room mate actually says she can guess what I will be watching just by noting my expressions, read 'smiles'!! I am relieved I have got the new addiction but like any other addiction, this one is painful too.

I always knew I am missing something in my life since three four years. I miss 'Dancing'! My buddy Shane made me realize this for the first time, a few months back. He repeatedly asked me to join some new form of dancing- may be he sensed my 'thirakana'! My lazy friend SB actually told me in my own farewell party, ah. Bubblegum you remember all signature steps of popular songs so easily.I never dared to join the class again- for several 'Bahanas' like workload or travelling bla bla bla.

The limit was crossed by my mom's word ' Bubblegum, why don't you just restart dancing?, you are really good at it'! Mom it runs in the blood, I guess! She never ever told me with the voice she told me this time.

Frankly, a part of my heart did a suicide at that moment. Really.

I am a victim of dance deprivation!

I am not sure, when I am going to start, from where (zeroth level or minus one!)I am going to start, but I guess this post really makes my heart feel a little bit of full- talking about the killed part of the heart due to deprivation of dance.



  1. You could join the Bollywood dance sessions here. They are fun :)

    1. Waiting for a good deal!!! Ah, cant wait though!!

  2. Don't lose heart. One day you will re-start. Let us hope that that day is not far off.

  3. Bubblegum,

    Do not delay it. Start it NOW. That will make you ever happy.

    Take care

  4. Dance deprivation? Now that's a new term. Why wait though? Go dance away!

    1. Yes yes, the one like 'Dance like no one is watching'!! I am waiting for the platform too!! Shuh, too many arguments :D

  5. Wow great.. Just dance ...:)