September 25, 2012

A promise

Today is the time to make a promise. A promise to my self.

Last night, rather I would say mid night, I realized what my body had to pay for the bad food habits and worst sleep schedules.I was sleepless, absolutely sleepless. This is happening since long. In Mumbai when I used to feel I am an insomniac, I never knew I would think- Sleeping at 12.30 is still healthy.I try from 1 pm to sleep, and end up sleeping not before 3pm.It is bad.I try meditation and Yoga right at night. I guess the body doesn't accept quick fixes.

I decided to promise  myself and publish on the blog so I don't feel lazy to keep. I want to capture my thoughts ,so when hopefully I go back to the shape and state of mind I want or totally go bonkers with my body and mind- I should know the moment when I really had a long period of brain storming on the issue.

  • It is not possible to sleep at 11 if you reach room at around 10.30 pm. One just can not. The lecture you have stored in the mind is still cultivating the think tank, you are bundled with all enthusiasm to share with buddies,'what had happened on the happening day of yours', and how can you even think about sleeping. So I decided on the number 'One'! After looking at all assignments I have to do, or all those Face Book and Linked updates needed for my professional soul, I Should hit the bed at 1. It is going to take time, as my body clock is going to refuse but I am going to try my best, be it Yoga or a cup of warm milk. I can not put breaks on my mind who thinks at super sonic speed- Any suggestions?
  • As I have again started my jogging session (So what it includes only 2 kms with small walking intervals!) and Yoga if needed. I promise myself to continue and increase the time and intensity. The insanely huge university of mine, which makes me walk a lot, I don't consider 'U(ni)! I wish a day would come when I will go back to India and refresh my dance, performing an Arangetram is still a dream though. I realize why all Bharatnatyam dancers are so fit and in proper shape- all classical dances of India are nothing but a series of Yogasanas, dance is the deadly combo of strength and cardiovascular exercise.
  • Food. Here comes the toughest part. The room where I live (A big rant and realization is going to come soon on the blog!) doesn't provide me with my own kitchen and so when it comes to food, I have to be happy with fruits, peanut butter, oats,canned beans, some more fruits and of course Masala dosa and Uththappa from near by 'Singaorean Dhaba' I call. At university canteen, I eat but those stuff I should avoid as it contains MSG, which can trigger migraine attacks. The home mad food has become a dream, though the dream is going to be true after 15th Oct as we are shifting.  Digress. So I was talking about the Food promice. I am going to eat every two hours- I never thought it will be so challenging. I will have to plan a day earlier what all I am going to eat. My food habits are main reasons for migraine attacks- That is what my observation says, apart from my mood. I can not try GM diets or any other diets, those models use to stay slim. I promise myself to have my share of protein, Carbohydrates and other vitamins- minerals as far as I can, daily. I really have to keep check on my food habits as from both, paternal and maternal sides have diabetes history, not even a single person has escaped from the wrath. I have to be careful and this is the right age!
I, Bubblegum, promise my blog-baby, that I am going to act according to above three promises.



  1. Aaawesome post. I seriously hope that that you do the arangretam.thats my one wish.


  2. Bubblegum,

    Best of luck to keep up made promises.

    Take care

  3. Oh so goals are set..all the best Kareena..

  4. One tip which always work for me when sleep eludes me is to wash my feet and face with cold water before going to bed. Sounds strange, but try and see if it works for you :)

    Are you allowed to keep a microwave at least..that way, you can have soups and quick fix meals like semolina, ragi, etc..

    1. Oh I will try out the tip for sure!! Yeah we have a micro wave, frankly I am fed up of soups and maggies now :/ Plus here getting something 'Veg' is a pain. In fact it is scary for Indians who eat Non veg. They eat frogs and all you see :/

    2. Do you get ready to eat pasta? If there are some Indian stores, look out for Ragi and Rice vermicilli.

      You have a microwave, kaafi hai bandhu.

    3. Oh Ragi- Good for health too, Calcium and all I guess. I will have to check those stuff. Actually now I feel like having Rotli (Roti in Gujarati) all the time :D Lol. So I refuse to digest any other food. :D