September 23, 2012

An estranged Sunday!

It had started all on Saturday night-with my favorite now a days-headache. Now whenever I have such a kind of headaches I do some weird things. First sign was forgetting what I had done a day before. I mean how can I forget what I had done a day before. While talking to my buddy I realized I had no idea what all I had done a day before.(I know you are tired of reading those words-A day before. I did not do anything spectacular a day before!!)As usual while in sleep I sent messages to one of my friends , or say I actually blabbered a lot.Finally I guess I slept off, breaking the whole freaking one sided conversation.

The Sunday morning started with a migraine hangover, eventually I converted it into an awesome enthusiasm to see the movie -barfee. As no body gifted me an F1 super expensive ticket, I thought of just feeling the air in the area and come back after watching the movie. Of course I wanted to tell all my friends back home, my fabulous experience.In speeding up the daily routine, half grumpy and yet enthusiastic Bubblegum, that is me, forgot to charge her mobile.As I result I was not sure how am I going to pass time in the train for an hour.I was going to attend two grand events almost and was to return late, back home.

The first weird thing happened , when the dance deprived and then the fiction book deprived girl, decided to read a dictionary.What can we do if not listening to music and drain the mobile battery.I took my pocket dictionary with me and actually read it in the train. The old lady sitting behind me with other persons around me, whom I avoided, stared at me for quite a long time.They could not believe, an Indian girl who is suppose to be quite good in English (In comparison with other local races in Sinagpore) is actually involved in reading a dictionary. Well I did that. God knows why.I was not referring to the Singlish Dictionary after all.

The second weird thing, which others felt and was actually my act-staring at babies.Well not babies but strollers of those babies. We were suppose to do brain storming on product design for new parents, to help them managing toddlers. So when she had told me about a problem with an umbrella stroller, and as obviously I have no babies thus no knowledge about strollers , I decided to observe those pretty things. In the whole observing act, I guess the mommy of the little kid felt offended-'why didn't you have a look at my cute kid and you are still staring the stroller?'. I realized the whole silent dialogue after actually drawing the whole mechanism of the umbrella stroller in my mind. Yes I was super weird- for the mommy.

The weird saga continued, when we learnt that there are NO tickets available for the show we wanted to go for. Even after that show, two more were scheduled after a few hours, which were full. I mean, are you kidding me? Barfee in Singapore, going House full??!! The weird feeling of being on the formula 1 land, just a few kilometers away from the track., already made me dull.

Suddenly I found a shop, or say my friend suggested to check it out.
Things I observed made me realized, why things were weird!

I saw witch hates, witch robes, wounds, broom sticks and many such wizard stuff.

Yeah I had a feeling may be I am not a muggle. A big realization. Something similar had happened to Harry Potter before knowing about his wizard blood?

 Am I a witch? :O

If you are not thinking of kicking me-Read below notes.

PS: Yeah, I thought of making this post a bit dramatic, as I was just observing the strange and dull happenings on this Sunday.I was excited but could not afford to get upset with the dull atmosphere. Well, how about the Formula 1in Singapore and a phone call to Shane? It worked pretty well. Bingo. Sorry for the huge drama in the post :D Phew.

PS-2: Lazy friend SB, Better you ask Sebastien Vettle to book a ticket for me in the coming Japan F1. I am his lucky mascot after all!! I have proved it again!


  1. Bubblegum,

    So Sunday well spent. Please do check about your BP to find if it is the cause of headache.

    Take care

  2. When I was a school-student, my teacher had advised me to read dictionary to improve vocabulary. I could follow his advice only sparingly but continued this habit even in my college-days.

    I felt happy to find a companion with a hobby of reading dictionary. Good, keep it up!