September 8, 2012


Yeah the title serves two goals for the blog post. First.Apart from roaming around places in Singapore, watching movies back to back on laptops and ah, jogging I do somethings like, attending lectures-finishing my assignments and studying-sometimes. Everyone back home tells me at least once in a few days, "Beta study also over there!" Well, I guess I am good at multitasking. Guys, I will manage!

Thought of celebrating Teacher's day in a different style this time. I remembered most of my mentors and teachers, I would like to introduce my profs at Singapore! (I hope they wont get this blog-link!)

Differences in culture, teaching method over here and even life styles,their dressing- Well I don't know any of them personally so well for sure, I have observed so many things about them, just kind of fun while learning?

Prof 1: She is extra cute, smart and well tiny-lean figured human being. She laughs in a manner which makes me remember those tele films promoting different weird product on tv at odd hours- Nazar Suraksha Kavach?! She is of course an inspiring personality for me, she builds an aura where you dive into the world of gadgets. She posses any damn gadget you have ever heard of. Ipads, Ipods and smart phones are nothing. Portable scanner, recorder, GPS system for trekkers, Kindle, Cameras of every kinds. and what not. She studies the interactive design of all of them and let us study for a while. Isn't it she awesome! Ah, Did I tell you I went gaga over her polka dot formal frock?! Man, you should check her wardrobe!!

Prof 2: Well, he is the one who tries to develop fundamentals of product development in our minds and ends up developing boredom after an hour. Not his fault, for the people who never dived into the corporate world and are fresh from under graduate colleges find the lecture irrelevant most of the times.For me, well I sit with my friend who was actually in a firm who supplies to my ex-company- and so most of the time we keep on relating those presentation slides to our work and end up having a cup of coffee in the break to calm our selves down. Well , the other prof who came to assist some of the subject lectures, kept sprinkling tranquilizers with his presentation and so not only us, students, he also started feeling sleepy. So, he gave three big breaks in three long hours. Nothing more to observe!I kept on sleeping too.

Prof 3: He is of the age of our grand father. The brilliant look, this old man definitely has more energy then us and of course he keeps himself updated with the ongoing technologies-methods in System management. Ah, he just don't know how to operate his laptop properly. I guess he is from the Einstein league-Master of one, Jack of none.He is proud of his achievements and of course he is also very proud of us- for studying under him-No really-My observation. A motivating personality and a great dreamer. If you mute the recording of the video of his lecture, you can actually feel as if he is doing some retro style disco. Talking about actions he puts in moves while explaining every single sentence. That is the only fun part- or else you have to try real hard to note his words. I bet each word gives you knowledge.

Prof 4: The most simple and may be the youngest of all male profs. He takes one second and a few mili seconds to speak each word of the sentence he wants to frame in English- But we manage. This gentle man comes, delivers the lecture and leaves like a breeze. The part in between is -'Decipher my speech' part-which is done by us. We are getting better day by day!

Prof 5: My favorite I guess. He looks like an elder brother of Jacky Chan! Serious? Yes, we actually searched many of Chan's photos on Google while sitting in his lecture and tried to figure out how many facial features are matching and well, the conclusion is right-He looks like Chan! I used stare him and note each of his expressions in a few lectures-Well now I have to pay attention to what he talks. The subject is quite interesting and he is making it easier for us.He makes us do over time in lectures but worth it!! At least I remember my child hood hero-Jacky Chan!! :D

Besides my Profs- I would like to take pride in announcing that after three damn years I managed to study well and complete my first ever assignment in Singapore.

Well five more in the queue!! :/

Time to un-blog? No I guess- I can steal the time to blog!! See you next time! :)


  1. hahahahahaah..funniest blog in a long long time.........
    Love it!!!


    1. :D Well well You cant use 'Shana' word right now :D Refer my blogs :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    Hope you are not just busy observing them but listening to their lectures too. Enjoyed reading it.

    Take care

  3. You have a very good sense of observation.