September 12, 2012

While I was not blogging..

  • I was watching Harry Potter movies back to back, for the first time in my life! First two parts were really awesome but then the Book-Sickness gripped me.Fourth part on wards negative vibes were not so tolerable so, I made a decent pose with the birthday witch hat and posted a photo on FaceBook. These Harry Potter Fans I tell you!
  • I was also, trying to study hard for a few hours, wrapped up my books/e books and again started watching movies on laptop. I guess I am watching movies on the laptop after ages!
  • I was really really talking with awesome enthusiasm on phone, ah, My Frock Buddy N was on the other end. Need less to stay I indulged into the awesome talk for some forty minutes?!
  • I was busy talking to Shana-Ah fighting with Shana , that we actually did not talk much. Secretly I wanted to share billion things which also includes how I am addicted to the Milo thing that I crave for,the moment I get up. Also, how I was ready to throw my iphone at him if he was here.Shane, Did I tell you this? :D
  • I was sleeping like a dog after 3pm and got up when even people in India would have reached office! Talking about my new body clock and the time difference!
  • I was Kiking  her, and I realized I just dont like anyone kiking me except her. She is the sole owner of my Kik messenger contacts.
  • I was busy in dressing up my knee for the every day walk. It is a pain I tell you. It scares me to the death now,to go for the jog on the concrete road with the open bruise. 
  • I was busy chatting over a cup of MILO with one of my roomies- The girl who can cry over a lost cricket match! Well I never felt so for the match against Newzies :D
  • I was busy in giving dull smiles to my room mates! They were doing the same. What else can you do after loosing an access card some where, sparkling some sea water in the mobile, loosing a floater (not the pair!) on the sea shore and last- In the tension, getting your leg trapped in the mayajal of cables in the room and making your hard disk fall at your feet!!? Well the Hard disk is not working too. What a mess! :/ Okay, before you people comment, I was not the one to create any of above problems. I am only a supported this time! God knows how?!
  • I was busy mailing a buddy of mine, who is so busy to shoot me a mail!! Well hope you got the hint dude!!! :/
  • I was busy thinking about myself. Period and Facebook. I kind of want to just delete my account-as I really feel like it. The only advantage of Face Book is, as of now ,it is the fastest way to communicate (Really) and I am scared some day it will kill my blog!!! 
  • I was busy judging the 'something' inside my soul, the 'Something' which is irritating me, pinching me, hurting me and I don't know the 'Something'! No I have not listened to the 'Something Something' song of the great Mickakckaka Singh!
  • I was just thinking of slapping the Chinese guy who forcefully sat beside me, though there was a gap of around 100 cms in between us, the smell -the vibes I got from him, I thought I was being petrified. Sheesh , too much of Harry Potter. Hold on, this guy, I must tell you has become a forced member of my team in a project. Where is Snape?
  • I was feeling connected to my Pune gang on Facebook, I still do- Feels like those days of innocence are back! Sometimes. Okay, I was not innocent, others were. The awesome thing is, we used to create wars out of every little issue in and around the atmosphere!
  • I was busy talking with my buddy Mr.Consolidation in the way I never did. I am sure he would be thinking, ah the girl has really grown up!! :D 

And while I was blogging,

I just had a thought- Will any one read this long lost blog post of mine till end? 



  1. :) Pray tell me this, why is it that each of these start with 'I' almost always end up being about everything/everyone else?

  2. Interesting........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bubblegum,

    Good updates. How is the knee now?

    Take care

  4. Extremely busy n still blogging.. good good..

  5. The best one is about how you were busy giving dull smiles to your room-mates and they were reciprocating in the same manner.

    I hope your knee is better now.