May 2, 2015

E for Explore!

It is for the curious souls.

Like my grandmother, who at the age of 80 fought with me for a science magazine which used to get released every month. She wanted to read it first, always. Subjects discussed in the magazine were not for her age as per what society thinks - Universe, Galaxies, countries, War strategies, History of Languages!
Question her the 'Why' word she would always say' I want to Explore the world which I could not'.

I want to explore the world like my one of those smart Fais. She visits Disneyland every damn time she visits USA. She reads a lot, like crazy. She is a doctor herself but she loves to cook various cuisines. Whenever her daughters send business class tickets she would say 'When I grow old, then I need business class tickets.' At the age of 80. Yes!

I want to explore places like my Kaki in USA. (The one who keeps on appearing on the blog!) I was surprised and the same time excited - over whelmed and what not. I am waiting for her to start the travel blog!

I want to explore not only this real and mean world, but the world of books as well. Be it science, be it a fantasy land or even some mythological era! I want to explore the world of food.

Explorations add on another dimension to any one's personality. It is like opening up a different route in the mind which touches your own soul and may be other souls around you.

When explorations would get converted into stories. 

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