May 19, 2012

What do you say..

When you talk talk and talk and people around you listen to you so so enthusiastically! Especially when they are your parents,brother (a little bit!), Identical Cousin and Fai M and fua S! (Uncle-Aunty!)

When you have your dinner and you feel you had proper dinner (home-made) last time you were at the same place with the same set of people (as mentioned above!), that was some 30 days back may be!

When you actually realize why people call you and your cousin, a set of identical cousins.Reasons are laughter attacks induced by tupid jokes,i-pods,i-phone craze,songs,shopping,Disneyland,jogging,earings and last but not least-Dance! (We can dance anywhere,anytime-provided we should feel like dancing!)

When you realize your always hungry brother is no more hungry all the time and very smartly controls his diet.You have nothing to scold him on that topic now! :/

When you virtually go to your another Fai MM's place in USA and plan for Disneyland ,scuba diving ,sky diving and what not with your brother and the identical cousin!! :)

When you contribute in completing a full jar of 'Mukhvaas' with your family while chit-chatting!

When you go to a 'Khadi Bhandar' shop,find children's books section  and suddenly feel you are still behaving like a kid Bubblegum who wants all books to read at one go!

When you get your self hooked to songs like 'Aafat ke parinde' and 'Pani da' which are suppose to be latest favorites of your best buddy! :)

When you have plenty of 'Keri no ras' to indulge into any time of the day!

When you have all the freedom to stick to the big television in the drawing room and enjoy to the fullest,No one can stop you!

I say, "Its home!! I am home!!"


  1. Bubblegum


    Take care

  2. Loved loved loved this post

    A Huge Kaala teeka to you and your family :)